August 10, 2010

New York: Day One

Where to begin? First I must say the predominant word in my life right now and for most of last week has been "overwhelmed". Not just by the conference and hustle and bustle of the city, but by the swag and the impossible task of managing a tight schedule of parties and meet-ups that occurred throughout the city.
Somehow I managed, but not after meeting up with some of my blog friends, first of which was Kari. She's so adorable and full of life! Here she is posing before we went on a Sex and the City Tour, which was fabulous.
I also met the very sweet and intriguing Liz of A Nut in a Nutshell.
Liz, Kari and I (shiny, sweaty-faced) at O'Neill's
You must certainly know her, I mean, most of her posts get 200 comments, since she's got so many groupies. I wish I could have hung out with her more, but Naomi and I were in a different hotel (more to come on that later).

For the SATC tour, we met up with Sky and Maggie, both of whom were such nice and interesting women too. Sky is quite stylish--I loved all of her clothes! And Maggie was so cool too (and quite pregnant!). I like how much she's into eco-friendly living too.
The SATC tour was so well done, even though I've only seen the show a handful of times (is that bad?). Our guide was super-cute, friendly and knowledgeable.
We made a few stops along the way, including one to sex shop The Pleasure Chest, a park on Bleecker Street for (dry) cupcakes, and a drink in O'Neil's bar, which is the setting for SATC characters Steve and Aiden's bar Scout. It was really a nice tour, just a bit too long.

My Wednesday evening ended with an amazing surprise--Arcade Fire. Do you know this band? I didn't but my roomie Naomi got us tix to the Madison Square Garden event courtesy of her friend Britt, the face of the band Spoon who opened for Arcade Fire.
Arcade Fire was INCREDIBLE! I can't believe I had been living in the dark about this band. They had so much energy and are the hardest working band I've ever seen. Win Butler and his uber-cute wife Regine Chassagne were so captivating, hopping about, popping on and off drums, keyboards, guitars while singing and dancing.
I recognized "Wake Up" from the trailer of "Where the Wild Things Are." Hearing it live with the audience echoing the band literally gave me goose bumps. So I now have a new favorite band to rival my Jack White obsession.

And here's a little preview of Naomi and I on the Kodak tour that we attended last Thursday. More to come on that tomorrow!


  1. Miss you already, even if the city was a bit much this time. It was fun getting to spend some time together.

    The kids are totally in love with the Playdoh. The first comment here is the weirdest spam I have ever seen, by the way. I mean, I know you have a lot to do with submarines on K&K…

  2. I don't recall you mentioning Arcade Fire! WHAT???? Love that band!!!

    Ok, Kathleen, I had no idea how much I was going to like you. I know that sounds so crazy and I don't mean it to sound that way, but you are so incredibly awesome and I absolutely adore you! I am SO looking forward to hanging out again. I can honestly say that I now consider you a very dear friend, as well as a friend for life.

  3. I didn't realize that I could possibly love you anymore than I already did prior to meeting you. But I do!! When I was asked by my husband what my favorite part of the trip was, it was meeting you and having that bit of time together before all chaos broke loose.
    You are the most "real" and pure person and I feel so honored to call you friend. I hope you'll be coming out to San Diego in 2011 - I would love to return the favor of greeting you when you arrive. I simply wish we had had more time to spend together.
    Give Soren a huge hug from me. Thank Mr. Geek for sharing you with me for that day (I so appreciate you coming in early!!).

    Much love!! -kari

  4. Hey, I've never listened to Arcade Fire, either, but Chris is beside himself with jealousy right now. I'll see you tomorrow morning and we'll catch up...

  5. This was only day one?!? It sounds like you had so much fun in just one day! :D

  6. :)
    happy for you, but so very jealous!
    glad you had so much fun...
    dont worry, i do not know much about sex and the city either

  7. what a fun time!!!! And a great way to meet friends:O) Glad you are having a break!!!

  8. Looks like it was an eventful, fun time!


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