April 19, 2011

The Nesting Instinct

We had these visitors last year, who sort-of moved in, made a mess, then moved along.
I think they ended up knocking over their own nest last year, so they split.  They're not the smartest of birds (is a smart bird an oxymoron?).
Already they've made quite a pile of twigs and nesting material.

Mourning Doves are so pretty and gentle though, with their soothing coos, that I can't help but want them to stay, especially being pregnant and awaiting my own little chickadee to arrive soon.  However that would mean no swinging on our balcony until their babies have hatched.
Hmmm, that swing has been quite a nice spot for nursing and relaxing.  Maybe those birds will just chase themselves away after all.  Or perhaps Oscar the cat might scare them off.


  1. I thought birds didn't split but apparently the do :) I bet it is so cool to have the doves cooing on your porch!

  2. We always love (and sometimes despise) having little birdies outside our door. This year two cute little birds with less pretty songs have built a nest in our potted begonia. It, I'm afraid, is destined to die, since watering it is tres tricky with little birdies and a nest inside. They, however, are happy as can be. We hope they lay and hatch eggs soon!

  3. I adore mourning doves, so I would be sad if they left. They're my favorite birds precisely because they're dumb.

  4. Birds always find such interesting space to make their nests, don't they? We had one try to build a nest under our air-conditioner once!! Keep us updated if yours decides to stick around or not. :-)

  5. Birds always find the most inopportune places to make their homes! I think some even started making a nest in the wheels of our parked car >.<

    They are pretty though and looking at the babies is always fun and educational for little ones :)

  6. We had birds move into our attic one year. They made nests right above our bedroom and would wake me up every morning. I made sure my husband replaced a broken screen the following spring so they wouldn't do it again. They pecked through and nested in our attic. So, we got smart and covered it with metal coverings. Now, their nests are right outside our backdoor and I enjoy it! Of course, I do not have a swing underneath.

  7. Chase them before they nest! Remember the time I had to take baby mourning doves to the wildlife sanctuary in the Poconos?


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