July 14, 2011

Baby Update

I'm indulging in a rare moment of downtime while Jude naps and Soren watches a program to update y'all on things around here.  Today is Chris' first day back to work, a day which I've been dreading but has so far, one hour into it, been ok.  We'll see how the day progresses, especially considering that Jude, like his brother, would like to be attached to the breast at every moment, waking or sleeping.

That's made it tough for me, though unlike his brother, once he's deeply asleep, he'll actually sleep in the Moses basket for some time.
Jude is quite a good sleeper, like he was in the womb.  He nurses great, but in order to drift off to sleep, he absolutely needs to be sucking on something (mostly me).  The pacifier works a bit, which gives me a break, but I can't believe how strong this boy's sucking instinct is.  Latching on is a little painful at times.  I think he's going to be elated when he finally finds his thumb to suck; his hands are always around his face, as you can see in the photo above.

Soren is doing well in his role as big brother.  He has been helping to bring things to me when I need them, and even helped Jude get his first bath a few days ago.
 Though he mostly played in the water.
What's been so amazing about having a second baby is how much more at ease I am with him compared to Soren, especially that both boys seem to have the same sleeping/sucking issues.  It's also been incredible to relive the memories of my older son's infancy.  So many times, I feel like I'm holding Soren again, or Chris and I are remarking about how much something Jude does reminds us of Soren.  Pretty incredible...

So that's our week so far; we'll see what the next few days bring, especially that I'm on my own with the boys.  Wish me luck!


  1. Sounds like you are settling in wonderfully. Congrats! Jude is beautiful. Enjoy this moment.

  2. Oh my goodness I have not been on blogs for so long and you gone and had yourself a baby! I am so Happy for you guys! He is so stinkin' cute!!!! Love u girl & enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  3. Although I was oh so wrong about the sex of the baby, I am so very happy for you to have the experience of two boys. My first two were boys as well and the joy of watching brothers grow up together is almost incomparable! I am very happy for your entire family and don't forget about all of the breastfeeding resources available out there for you these days...creams, consultants (they are not just for people whose babies won't/can't nurse), etc. Best of luck to all of you and Congratulations again!

  4. What a precious baby! Thanks for the update - I was wondering!

  5. It sounds like things are going so well. I am glad he is a good sleeper.

  6. The first few days flying solo are always a little rough...but you'll have the hang of it in NO time! :D

    Jude is absolutely precious!!!!

  7. What a beautiful, beautiful little baby boy you've got there Kathleen :)

    Here's to hope that things keep going well for you and the boys!

  8. He is precious. Aw... :D

    Sending you the best this week while the hubs is away. You make having a newborn sound both realistic and idyllic. I hope breastfeeding and pacifying get smoother soon, and that your recovery is fast. :) And I'm delighted that Jude is a magical little bean.

  9. He is just precious! I remember having a lot of these same feelings when my daughter was born, it was often like deja vu, like holding my son as a baby all over again and yet different.... Congratulations!

  10. congrats kathleen, he is beautiful.


  11. He's adorable. I hope you have tons of energy to get you through the next couple weeks. Congratulations

  12. I dreaded when DH went back to work too...

    He's so precious...they're both so precious and adorable!


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