July 21, 2011

Second Borns

To all those people who told me that second born children are entirely different from the first--you haven't met Jude.
This boy is so much like his brother as an infant that it's frightening. There are milliseconds where I actually confuse him for Soren, though of course I'm running on about 3 hours of sleep each night, so that may be some of it.
Lovin' these little toes right now
Not only do they look similar, but they have similar baby needs, like the need for constant nursing (or just soothing via sucking) and the inability to sleep when put down in the bassinet.  Though Jude is more laid-back than Soren was, I still see similar temperaments, including their incredible neck strength and alertness.   Jude is easier to sooth, not just by breast, and he isn't as hysterical with his cries as Soren was.
When I can get him to sleep, he's a pretty good sleeper, though that window of opportunity between REM sleep cycles is hard to judge.  If he's still sort of alert, he quickly starts crying in the bassinet.

All in all, we're managing ok. I will admit I'm a bit lonely, and often overwhelmed by two kids.  Mornings are tough, and it doesn't help that it's nearly 100 degrees outside, so we're stuck in the house most of the day.  I've been dreaming of the beach and pool, though due to my c-section, I can't swim for quite a while, maybe not all summer.

Any tips for occupying a 3 year old while holding/nursing a baby?


  1. Oh I can completely relate. My 2nd (Noah) is very much like his 3yr old bro (Jude). (Except he's bigger) I am also trying to figure out how to keep Jude occupied with this crazy weather. Boys need to run and play and 100 degrees is just too hot.

  2. He is beautiful. Nice to know he's a bit more laid back than SoJo but I know how hard it is to occupy a 3 year old when you have a constantly-nursing infant. It's still hard for me to keep Jasper and Roo occupied.


  3. He is so precious, and that's amazing how alike they are. I used to let my daughter read to me while I was nursing, or she would sit with her baby and feed her at the same time. :)

  4. Oh he's just so precious! I love the tiny toes!!

    I hope the weather cools a bit so you can have a little relief from the heat and get outside.

    Not much help for how to occupy Soren while you have your hands full - unless you use a sling? That'd free up your hands at least ;)

  5. Look at that cute little sweet pea xD

    It sounds like your doing wonderfully managing two kids, although, I can definitely see where the loneliness and a little bit of overwhelm comes in.

    I hope things get easier, if only a little bit :)

  6. I'll be a mom of two this November too, at least it will not be so hot! I am also curious how I will keep my 2.5 year old busy while nursing. She was a non-stop nurser - barely gave me a break, I wonder how the second will be!

  7. Many days of Jude in a wrap are in order. I'm glad that Jude is much like SoJo in a more mild sort of way. One of my fears is that my next will be the baby from hell since Jayden was such an easy pregnancy and chill baby, lol.

  8. My second born (Carter - 4 now) is my "problem child" out of the 3 boys. I always say he knew he was the middle child before he became the middle child. He's extremely dramatic, overly prideful, incredibly independent & stubborn & from the time he could stand, has had more attitude than a little body like his should ever possess!!! My youngest (Corbin - 11 months now) looked even in the womb & ultrasound pictures, IDENTICAL to Carter! When he was born, it was uncanny! It was like they were twins born 3 years apart! CRAZY! Carter & my oldest (Caidan - just turned 6) were NOTHING alike. And when it comes to personality, so far (fingers crossed) Corbin & Carter don't share many similarities either. Carter can be the sweetest, most loving little boy ever! I do adore him, don't get me wrong! But he is by far the most demanding, on several levels, of all 3 of my boys!
    My best advice; Let big brother help as much as you can. I've noticed in my middle, if he can be a big helper, his attitude stays in check & he tends to behave pretty well. Maybe pick a few specific "jobs" that can be his each day. Perhaps something he can earn a reward of some kind for.
    And just understand that while siblings can be identical in some respects, they can also be night & day in others. What works for one won't always work for another. But as long as they know you love them (and they obviously do) then the rest will fall into place. :0 )

  9. Wow I love it. Very nice! Lovable. Thanks for sharing your post.

  10. Again, precious pants (and more precious toes!). Jude is a beauty.

    LOL! That's amusing how similar your boys are. I am always curious about how this baby will be different from his brother, and hope he's easier to feed, especially.

    I'm glad that Jude is a little easier to soothe than Soren was. *Sigh* Feeding and soothing a newborn is draining. I am sure that being a constant pacifier is hard. Somehow, all of these difficult moments are also beautiful. At least there's that!

    I suppose I would recommend some fun TV/picnics (snacks on a blanket in front of the TV) when your energy is most depleted, and perhaps some creative play (with boxes, paper & crayons, or salt-dough) when you can afford to be a little bit involved.

    Did you end up getting Soren a special big brother toy? Has he enjoyed playing with it? We got Kidoodle a train set, and have let him play with one of the trains (minus the tracks) since we bought it, since he was at the store helping Daddy pick out the perfect toy. He really likes it, and I hope the set will occupy him for at least a few days after the baby is born!

  11. My daughter loved me to read while I nursed my son. She was so hard up for books we hadn't read that we polished off all Roald Dahl, the first Harry Potter and even "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight".

  12. You know I am just assuming the new one and ER will be very different, but maybe that's because they are girl and boy. Plus he'll have been in the two weeks longer than ER was. I am certainly hoping nursing goes a lot better. It was quite difficult with her and I needed help from the lactation consultant.

    Your comment about not enjoying the hot temperatures got me thinking, and boy I was looking forward to delivering on Friday so I wouldn't have to be preggers anymore. Didn't think about the discomfort of recovering in the high heat. Nor did I think about not being able to swim, I was thinking by Sept I might be able to get into the Lakes again, we're in MI...

    PS: You can probably tell from my comment, baby hasn't come yet. Scheduled for a repeat C on Friday. After talking with the perinatologist we decided to go that route rather than VBAC because I have other issues like Type 2 Diabetes and hypertension that reduce the liklihood of success. Just a little update - since we "talked" about this before.


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