August 16, 2011

Paint and Blueberries

It's been a dry summer in terms of art making around here.
I got out the easel from the attic today and let Soren do some painting. It's been a while, since my time is somewhat limited now.  Tomorrow we have plans to attend a photography workshop for kids, but today was all about paint.
He made a nice picture for Daddy's office, then proceeded to keep telling us it was still wet while prodding the paint with his fingers.
I've definitely got the creative itch too! Though my sewing machine is just collecting dust at the moment.

Another series of photos taken this week that just cracks me up.
Caption: No, we didn't abuse him, zombie kid. 
S loves frozen blueberries, and they certainly make their mark on him.  I couldn't stop laughing when I came into the kitchen and saw his face.
In addition to his hobbit hair and old man expression, it totally made my afternoon.
I got out the hair buzzer the next day to clean him up a bit.
Though I think it's time for a larger art smock.


  1. Ha! With that pouty lip, I think he's gunning for a new smock! ;)

  2. He looks like a totally different kid with that haircut! Or maybe it's because his face is cleaned up. Cutie pie. :)

  3. LOL at the Hobbit hair description. That's hilarious. He has the greatest expressions :)

  4. He definitely makes funny faces, and man, he cleans up nicely!

  5. So cute,great pics!

  6. What a little cutie! Who couldn't love that blueberry stained face!? :)

    And I do agree-New art smock! Lol

  7. Very cute zombie Hobbit! Blueberries do add a grey pallor. :)

    We need some family art time around here. Kidoodle has been playing with his finger paints and throwing balls of salt dough around, but we'd all have more fun if I joined in, too. :D I hope that can happen soon!

  8. Those are adorable photos. I've never been good at getting the blue off faces or out of clothes.

  9. Aww, he is so precious! Love the hobbit hair. He totally looked like a Hummel figurine, you just need to get him some lederhosen.


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