August 26, 2011

Sleep Cravings

What a week!  I've resigned myself to the fact that a good day comes about when good sleep is had by all. Days when Jude is not napping well, like yesterday, often lead to a day and night filled with fretting by me, which then leads to a crappy night of sleep.

Jude's a tough nut to crack; some days he'll sleep easily in the Moses basket or crib, and others, like yesterday, he cried from overtiredness even when I was holding him.  He hates the car seat, swing and bouncer, but will always sleep in the sling or the Baby Bjorn.  Provided our backs don't wear out, that's how we tend to get naps out of him when he's uber-fussy.

So far today's been good, with both boys napping at this moment (I know I've just jinxed myself), leaving some time for me to blog now that dishes and chores are done.
photo from a good sleeping day
As of late, I've been so forgetful due to all these broken up nights.  At most, I'm getting about a 6 hour stretch every few nights, and generally I don't feel too bad during the day.  However I've missed 2 appointments, (which is highly unusual for me) one for the dentist and one to get my hair chopped off.  I'm through with Jude's fingers getting tangled in my long curls, so mom bob, here I come!

Even Chris is not immune.  Twice this past week, he's said "good morning" to someone when it's clearly evening time.   Such is the life of parents to a newborn.  Surprisingly, we're handling it well, and my nighttime feedings aren't too stressful for me, thankfully.  I attribute it to second-time parents' fortitude.  I mean, this all ends sometime, right?  And I don't mean when we're in the coffin, having our final sleep---bwwwahhhhh!

Ok, now I'm getting sleep-deprived silly.  Let's just say that I'm craving a little more sleep around here.  Uninterrupted, dark, cold and quiet sleep.  And copious amounts of ice cream too (of course it's the breastfeeding needs, right?). I do miss my coffee though, as I'm trying everything to get good sleep from Jude.

Happy weekend!


  1. You poor thing...I hope you are able to get some rest soon!

    By the way, he is definitely starting to look like a Katydid Kid! Such a sweetie!

  2. Oh new mommy fog! I am one who needs sleep to be in any semblance of a good mood so I'd be walking around in a fog AND be a major you-know-what at he same time. Suffice it to say we got the boys sleeping through the night pronto. Otherwise I think my husband would have divorced me.
    He can function on very little sleep so I am a little embarrassed to admit we took turns getting up with them. Even though he works and I don't. In fact on the rare occasion they wake up in the middle of the night now, I send him up to deal with them. Okay. I am a lot embarrassed now.... Not enough to change though. :)

  3. I remember days like this. I would pray that JDaniel would get the sleep he and I needed him to get.

  4. :) oy! I get ya. Lately I've crazily been dreading nighttimes, or perhaps merely procrastinating bedtime, because I know I am facing many interruptions. I simplydon't look forward to 30 minutes--or even 2 hours--of sleep before I get up again! :) I do look forward to more restful nights.

  5. Let the dishes and the chores're forgetting the most important rule of having a newborn; when the baby is asleep you should be as well. It is the only way to function for the first few months. I didn't learn it faithfully until my third and fussiest baby and it is what saved my sanity. Try doing the chores with the baby on your body instead of sleeping; you'll get more rest that way and it might help tire out that precious bundle of joy!

  6. On the brighter side, your mommy brain is now excusable again! I hear you on the sleep thing, though, getting a full night's rest would be great. For some reason, Jasper has been wanting to sleep with me again and it's driving me nuts. He's figured out how to wait until I'm too fast asleep to carry him downstairs. Ugh.


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