October 23, 2011

Weekend Musings: Pre-Halloween Edition

Boy, it's been a really hectic week, with Jude suffering through his first cold and possibly starting to get some teeth.  Poor baby has just been having a rough time sleeping, and wanting to nurse all the time.  But we did manage to do some fun things around here, like carving the pumpkin that Soren picked from the patch last week.
He drew the face, and I carefully cut it out, with much patience and strength.  Who knew such a tiny pumpkin would be so unyielding to a steak knife?
Today, S and I went to an annual, pre-Halloween event at Chris' university.  I threw on Soren's skeleton pajamas and we enjoyed lots of games and treats, courtesy of the college students.
I love that our town puts on so much for Halloween, especially if you go through the trouble of making or buying a costume only to be used once.  We have activities all week, including a little fete at S's school, so S will get his fill of dressing up (my favorite part of Halloween, becoming someone else for a spell).
I'm still on the fence about dressing up, mostly due to the work of making even a simple costume. If I get some free time (um, what's that again?), I want to make a coffee filter collar and dress as a cutesy clown.
My plans of knitting a Yoda hat and Princess Leia hair were foiled, though S still wants to wear his Darth Vader costume.  We'll see what happens...
Any pre-Halloween plans this week?


  1. We had to skip the charity pet Halloween parade because my pup isn't feeling well. He's on the mend though. My husband and I are going to a party. The theme is childhood. We're going as Schoolhouse Rock! I'm going to be Bill. My husband is going to be Conjunction Junction. If I get my costume finished on time!

  2. Aw, look at that little cutie! I'm glad you all are enjoying the festivities so much-and you weren't kidding when you say your town goes all out!! :)

    Unfortunately, I'm down and out for the count, so I think Halloween is going to be spent in bed watching scary movies by myself this year.

  3. Teeth already? Gah! I have been hoping we can put those things off till little one is six months old. ;)

    Haha! I love these costume ideas, Condo Blues. If I can muster the energy, we are gonna to a chili cook-off/trunk or treat this Wednesday dressed as trains cars and an engineer.

  4. Hope the little one feels better soon. Soren's outfit is cute.


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