November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Love

Boy oh boy, do I love this boy!
Seriously, I just can't get enough of this baby.  He's got the smooch marks to prove it.


  1. He has cheeks you just want to kiss!

  2. I do not blame you. he has smoochable chubby cheeks :) he looks like he may be a tad older than my newset grandson (I haven't met yet, across country & I can't wait to smooch him) Faythe @ GMT

  3. No one could resist those cute chubby cheeks!

  4. Give him a big squeeze and smooch for me. What a cutie pie!

  5. Adorable. I can see why!
    I am like that with my two grandbabies. I think they must get sick of it! LOL
    But they are all so cute you can't resist, so kiss them while you can!

  6. So adorable...beautiful eyes =)


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