December 6, 2011

Home for the Holidays

What a busy month so far! Between decorating, making gifts, and making this time of year magical for my sons, it's been a fun week.  As of right now, I'm just sipping tea, enjoying the Christmas lights on this dreary, rainy day while the boys nap.

Since I love peeking in homes this time of year, both online and sometimes on evening walks (shhhhh, don't tell! Though I could care less what the people are doing, I just like seeing what it looks like inside their homes), I thought I'd share some photos of our decorations.
It's really hard photographing the tree with our Northern-facing windows.  But believe me, this tree is so pretty, even if it does look like it's leaning in the photo. Here's Soren below, right after putting the star on top.
This is the first year we went with a Frasier Fir instead of a Douglas Fir, and it's so much nicer. The needles aren't all over the floor like in Christmases past.  Below is my homemade tree skirt, embroidered wool felt with dyed industrial wool felt pieces glued onto it (my fingers couldn't handle piercing that thick industrial felt).
Those little ceramic houses were once my uncle's; he collected them from a local department store each year, and now Soren plays with them under the tree.

I decorated the tree in bright colors, to go with the tree skirt and also the felt balls that I made a few years ago.
The stockings, while not hung by the chimney, go up our stair rail along with some fresh pine garland and white lights.
And of course I hung the Christmas Card holder wreath again this year. It's hungry for cards (so far there's just one on there), though I need to locate the missing clothespin at the bottom.
I also filled the Rwandan basket with a mix of pinecones, greens and fake berries (I just don't trust my son to have real ones around)
In the kitchen, we still have the gingerbread house, minus a few candies and nibbles,
and the Nativity set, a gift from the grandparents a few years ago.  Soren and his friends really enjoy playing with it.
Also in the kitchen, a few odds and ends like the paper garland I sewed hanging on the windows
and a little Christmas tree on a wall shelf.
We have an odd bathroom off of the kitchen that I decorate too, with mini pennants and paper trees that I made
as well as the kids' tree, decorated with ornaments Soren and I have made together along with other ones he wanted to add to this small tree.
I intend on continuing to add more things on it as we make them this season.
Here's another photo of the felt garland I made this week. I never tire of looking at it hanging above the doorway between the kitchen and living room.
So that's the basic tour.  It's a far cry from inviting you in for a hot cup of tea or coffee, but the sentiment is there.  Have you decorated for the holidays?  Leave me a link if you posted some photos on your blog. I'd love to "visit"!


  1. It just looks amazing! I love all your decor! Hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas!

  2. I remember that christmas card holder!

    I love the tree skirt =)

    Your home looks so festive!

  3. Your home looks very nice and festive for the holidays.


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