April 25, 2012

Ahoy Matey!

I'm noticing glimmers of it every day--the boys are starting to play together.
More accurately, Jude is grabbing at everything, while Soren plays imaginatively.  And Jude is just animated enough for Soren to pretend he's a character (or prop, depending on the play theme).  He does this sometimes with Oscar the cat too.
This gives me such optimism for a future where I'm mostly exempt from pushing toy cars around the floor with false bravado and acting out scenarios of pirates taking over the seaside village.  Isn't that the reason parents add children to the family? :)
Yay for siblings!  And brothers no less.  Mateys indeed (hopefully).
PS. Thanks Uncle Paul and Aunt Ashley for the pirate costume.  It's been a hit in our dress up box.


  1. Thar be some handsome pirates, aaaaaarrrr!

  2. Aw, those two are just too darn cute! It looks like Soren is quite the best big brother :)

  3. When two {or more} little ones sequester themselves in a corner to play in childlike seclusion, it's pure magic! :)

  4. Love your little pirates! That last picture is adorable!!!


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