April 7, 2012

Jude at Nine Months

A year ago, I was debating over whether or not to have a c-section.  Hard to believe that that's all behind me now, and that I have a baby who is three-quarters of a year old already.
At nine months, Jude is still a generally pleasant, mellow baby.  The past few weeks have been a little more difficult for him, with teething and contracting a few colds, one after the other, which led to nighttime wakings and too-short naps.
Jude enjoys exploring, particularly toys in his brother's room, and grabs at everything and everything we're holding (I have to pay special attention to not holding him at the same time as a mug of hot coffee).
He still has yet to officially crawl, though when I do put him on the floor he finds a way to squirm around and get to a different spot on the carpet.

He babbles a lot, mostly dadadadadada and bbbbrrrrrrrr, but nothing yet related to objects.  It's funny that he babbles a lot at home, but is very reserved when we go somewhere or there's a new person in the room.

He's a fan of chewing; anything within reach goes right into his mouth.
But he's also fond of chewing food, like puffs, cooked carrots, and bread.  I'm so pleased that he enjoys my cooking very much, like soups and stews.  He always likes a "thumb chaser", as my friend Shana calls it, after each bite.  Messy, but cute.
Truthfully, he'll eat just about anything, unlike his brother, which is heartening for me because I enjoy trying new foods and like most vegetables (I'll skip the okra, thank you very much).

Another characteristic that Jude has which is different from his brother is his messiness.  Jude takes the prize for most wardrobe changes in a day in our household. 
Wearing Outfit #3 for the day
From spitting up to baby food to diaper fails, Jude cannot get through a day in the same onesie.  Which sometimes equates to wardrobe changes for me too.  But we love him, even if he is a slob. :)  Happy nine months Nummies!


  1. Happy 3/4 birthday, Jude! I'm messy, too!

  2. He's growing up so quickly. He's a darlin'.

  3. Look at those wide open gorgeous blue eyes! It's a wonder how you can even still have a heart with that heart-melting stair xD

    Happy 9 months to the little man!


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