May 23, 2012

Cue the Baby Proofing

After an explosion of movement from Jude over the past week--fast crawling, climbing, and even turning completely around in the shopping cart, in spite of a seat belt--I realized that I have to get a little more serious about baby proofing.
Living a few years without every outlet cover tightly closed and enjoying the freedom that comes with gateless living has spoiled us.  I forget what it's like to have to keep doors closed and hot drinks and staircases out of reach.
Well, truthfully, with a wild child like Soren, Chris and I still have some of that mindset leftover, even though he's four.   In fact, just the other day he was standing on the toilet, yelling out the window.

This one however is super curious coupled with the compulsion to be right next to me at all times. 
He'll crawl over pillows, under chairs and through puddles of spit-up to get to me.
Now that's love.  
And baby, I'd do the same for you.


  1. Oh my! Definitely time to start baby proofing. Curiosity mixed with determination? You'll have your hands full :) What a cutie!

  2. Oh, what a sweetheart he is. I just wanna nibble the baby toes, is that so wrong?

  3. Aw! Yes, baby proofing when you have such an inquisitive young one is definitely the way to go o.O

    Look at those big beautiful eyes!


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