June 4, 2012


With children, life is a series of adjustments.  They're born, then you adapt by learning how to read their cues and surviving on very little sleep.  They start to crawl, then walk, and you learn to head off their descents into danger and to open a child-locked cabinet with a gracful flick of the wrist.
Each time when there was a major adjustment on the horizon--going from two naps to one, then one to none, then one kid to two--I was nervous.  How would I handle things?  How do you keep a busy boy busy all day long?  How will I manage two children?  Human beings, particularly children, are good at adaptation, and this trait has been wholly apparent in myself as a mother.

Most recently, my family has been struggling with school withdrawal.  Sheesh, I know it's only 2 mornings-a-week preschool (how do you parents with school-aged kids deal with summer?) but it's been a difficult transition, hence the lack of blog posts lately.  It's also been a period of time that Soren hasn't regularly been going to his grandparents, since my mom has taken on the role as caregiver to my brother's twin babies.  It's been a rough month here, to say the least.

I've mentioned many times before that Soren is a highly-energetic, physical, and curious child.  As a result, he's bored here at home.
You might be thinking "Tough luck.  Kid needs to learn to occupy himself" and I used to agree.  However, this approach doesn't work so well for S; in fact it often backfires with a spirited child like him.  The more I ignore him and tell him to play on his own, the more he pesters and hangs on me.  It's frustrating, especially for a calm-seeking, laid-back person like myself.

And with a baby who needs his naps and downtime, it's hard to plan daily activities for a preschooler outside of the home.  We've had some real nightmarish days of late, with him running around, screaming, goofing off, putting hands in my butt, etc.  This child's inability to focus or be serious is maddening and inspires anger in me that I never knew was there.  It's like living with a not-so-witty Russell Brand.

But unlike in the past, I trust that this is a phase that I will adapt to eventually.  I'm counting on all this adaptation and life under pressure to turn me into one hell of a diamond.

Any tips for surviving the summer, short of checking myself into a looney-bin?


  1. Totally know what you mean--I have a 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 with no family nearby and yes, kids can make your sanity go! My youngest is just starting to give up morning naps but when he does nap in the morning-I either give my oldest lots of one on one time (crafts, reading, etc) or yes, watch tv, if I have things to do. Then we head out as soon as I get the little one up by 10. We are always back at one for naps and then we have to head outside---even if it just in the backyard! I know what you mean---I'm curious to see what tips you get. But with a little television, crafts, and lots of outside time---you can do it!

  2. Oh man...I wish I had something to tell you here Kathleen, but not being a mother myself, I have no idea what it's like to be in that position o.O

    I guess all I can offer is deep, calming breaths?

    I wish you love, light, and lots and lots of patience until you've adapted!


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