June 6, 2012

Rainy Days and FIrst Corn

We've certainly had our share of cool, rainy days here in Pennsylvania as of late, but since the squirt guns and water toys are out, it's impossible to ignore them.  I suppose S prefers the plastic taste of squirt gun water to that in a cup.
Spitting it right back at the window is just as satisfying.
In Jude news, there's yet another food that this baby devours--corn off the cob.
He could not get it into his mouth fast enough.  It's tricky work, pushing all those kernels into one's corn hole.
Just another mundane day in the world of parenting.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates.


  1. LOL! We're having plenty of rain too. I want the sun to come back out {without so much heat, wishful thinking right?}.

    Love the pictures of Jude enjoying corn. Charlie is finally getting around to liking it. The kernel textures bugged her, but I keep trying. Sticking it in pasta salads has helped ;)

  2. I absolutely LOVE the picture of J shoving it all in his mouth. LOL

  3. hilarious! I love those little everyday moments.


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