July 4, 2012


The boys and I spent the last few days out of town, trying to soak up the summer while we can. I feel like last summer was a blur, with being pregnant and then busy with Jude, so I'm trying my best to occupy the kids with summertime stuff like swimming, beaches, shady views and plenty of Popsicles.
This has been especially relevant on the heels of that looooooooong two weeks of bathroom renovation, complete with 90 degree temps, without our air conditioners in the windows (remedied now, of course).
My attempts at cooling off in the ocean were pretty funny.  The beach replenishment at Bethany Beach in Delaware is pretty rough--a steeply banked entry point and tons of broken shells and stones--so while trying to avoid riptide AND hold onto Soren, I was dragged by my butt along the shoreline for a few feet.  Stunningly graceful.  But we did have fun, even with sand all up in my swimsuit.
As the old adage goes, now I need a vacation from vacation.  I'm grateful for my parents' help with the boys, but I'm still craving a day entirely to myself.  Is that selfish?

I do love these boys of mine, and all the fun things they inspire this lazy lady to do.  
Tis good to be home though, recharging for our next adventure.


  1. he did so good writing his name :)

  2. Definitely need a vacation from vacation---we are about to head to our second vacation and I already can't wait to return home:) How sad is that?!?! I heard Bethany Beach is beautiful---I have it on my huge must do list for sometime in the next twenty years;) Have a great rest of the week!

  3. I always feel a little tired after a vacation! It looks like you had great weather at the beach!

  4. Whoa...they really look like brothers in that next to last shot with you. And you look great, too.

  5. It looks like you guys had an enjoyable time! I haven't been to the beach in a very long time, so I'm quite envious ^.^

  6. The colors are so pretty in your photos. And I can't believe SoJo is already writing his name!!!


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