August 1, 2012

Simple Paper Owl Craft

Each summer, I teach a few workshops at our local library that correspond to their summer theme.   I love having a chance to reconnect with the local kids and get to stretch my dormant art teacher skills again.

This year the theme was night life and dreams, so for the project this time we created some simple paper owls.
I've seen these a-plenty online, mostly as a recycling project for toilet paper tubes. (Inner Child Fun has an easy tutorial), but rather than try to collect dozens of used paper tubes, I created them from paper.  They held up surprisingly well and were easy to customize without having to paint or cover up the entire body.
And all you need are a few supplies that you probably already have on hand.

Construction paper or card stock| Scissors | Glue Stick | Pencil | Feathers (optional) | White glue  
STEP ONE  Choose the paper you'd like to use, then roll it into a tube starting at one of the shorter ends.
Secure the paper into a cylinder shape by running a line of glue stick across one end and sealing the paper closed.
Take one end of the cylinder and fold down two sides into the center to make the owl's "tufts".
It helps to crease along the curved fold to secure the shape.
Cut out circles from colored paper for the eyes (or use googly eyes) as well as a triangle beak, and glue on to the owl's face.
For the wings, I had the children trace their hands, cut them out and glue them onto the sides.
I had them make a little fold near the wrist so that the hands would stick out off of the sides of the owl when they were glued on.
Add any other accoutrements, like feathers (either real or cut from paper) or even a pattern drawn or painted on the body.
I love my four-year old's colorful version, with its tail and tuft feathers.
Have a "hoot" making these! (sorry, couldn't resist).


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