December 3, 2012

A Little Elf Magic

We've gotten to know our elf friend Martin over the last two years, and were looking forward to his antics this December too.  So far he hasn't disappointed us!

He brought his twin sister Allison to help make this season bright for our family. 
Our elves arrived on the first of December, bearing candy canes and their suitcase/house, a few elfits to change into, as well as bed linens (thank goodness I didn't have to prepare a room for them).
 I'm a fan of Martin's candy cane quilt.
So far, our elves have just been up to mischief and funny antics.  We sprinkle them with snow before bed and set out their customary crackers and ice water (crunchy and cold, to remind them of home) and then they do some magical things during the night.
Soren was enchanted with the Lego replica of their home at the North Pole that they built.

They also like reading stories to an audience of toys at night while sneaking a cup of hot chocolate.
But most of the time, they're up to mischief, or maybe trying to fit into our world and make sense of it.  This morning, Martin wrapped up Soren's shoes as "gifts" before school.
And last night he taped his doorway closed with painter's tape.  I think he overheard Chris and I saying that Soren needs to stay in his bedroom until 6am and no sooner.  It was funny hearing Soren in the morning, tearing through the tape and realizing who did it!

We're eager to see what Elfcapades these elves come up with next!  Their friends even have a Facebook page to keep up with their antics, and star in a video with someone named Matty B (I'm clueless about tween pop culture).

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  1. Look at those two trouble makers! ;)
    Wrapping up shoes and taping little boys in their bedrooms. Lol
    How fun!


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