December 5, 2012

Amazing Gift Baskets from Eli Zabar

'Tis the season for gift baskets, and this week, I received a truly impressive one.  Not one of the typical baskets filled with waxy chocolate, stale crackers and highly processed cheeses that can live at room temperature for months, but a basket that set my bar higher for holiday gift giving.

Such basket comes from Eli Zabar, a name unfamiliar to me but probably a household name in Manhattan, where there are more than half a dozen Eli Zabar retail stores.
A wooden crate bursting at the seams arrived on my doorstep, tied with festive ribbon and stuffed with evergreen branches. 
This is Eli Zabar's Organic Gift Basket, and it's festively packaged.
Inside was an assortment of organic goodies, like Meyer lemons, maple syrup, pasta, and one of Eli's signature loaves of bread, in a brown paper package tied up with string.
There were fingerling potatoes, jam, tomato sauce, organic fresh thyme, fine loose tea and the best chocolate I've ever eaten (seriously, I'm not speaking hyperbolically).
It just seemed endless, each item adding to the amazement of this basket.
The contents were great inspiration on a day when I had no idea what I was going to make for lunch.  Baked penne with broccoli, mushrooms, and of course fresh bread was now on my mind.
I loved the little surprise "E" I found when opening the bread.  Soren loved it too.
The bread, a blend of organic wheat and rye, was good but a little dry. More like day-old, but still good, especially toasted.
There are so many more goodies to dig into, like the fancy green tea, fingerling potatoes and pomegranate candies.

If you're looking to really impress a friend, family member or client, Eli Zabar will turn you into that super-thoughtful daughter-in-law or raise-worthy employee.  The Organic Gift Basket truly is a stellar gift that every recipient will enjoy in some way.
There are a lot more size options and varieties of the gift baskets available at Eli Zabar, only a click away yet worthy of miles of praise.
Disclosure: I received an Organic Gift Basket from Eli Zabar for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


  1. Okay, that gift basket is IMPRESSIVE! There's so many goodies in it ^.^

    And what you did with the contents of that incredible basket is definitely inspired. In fact, it inspired my tummy to be hungry. Hehe!

  2. Oh. My. I love Zabar's! I guess it's kinda more my ethnic heritage than yours but I am well aware of that name! And what an incredible basket... so jealous!

  3. Wow! That looks absolutely amazing!! I've never heard of Zabar's but I'll have to check it out.

  4. Hi,Simply the name Zabars brings back numerous affectionate memories of growing up and living in New York.I lived in Queens however,went to school in Manhattan and formed there in the summers and remember shopping at Zabars for a wide range of food and delicacies.A basket from Zabars would be loaded with delicious food as well as with heavenly memories.Thank you.
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