December 12, 2012

Look to the Lamps for Design Inspiration

When decorating a room, it's easy to forget about the lights, other than for their function.  Furniture, curtains, and rugs are often the star pieces in a room, but lamps play their part in making a room bright and colorful, both literally and figuratively.
Color Plus choose your color lamps
The Color + Plus™ lamps and coordinating shades from Lamps Plus could serve as the starting point for transforming a room or adding the finishing touch to a room that just needs a little something.

In my home, we have some hand-me-down lamps, as well as some that are just plain boring.  This is my favorite lamp, which is has a pretty shape and color, however it's difficult for it, trying to carry the entire show that is our living room. 
It's a pretty spot, but directly across the room is a duller sight.
A great find for a thrift store (which is where it came from), but not exactly intentional decor.  Since my style is more modern and colorful, adding a new, colorful lamp or lampshade from the Color + Plus collection would liven up this corner.

Something like the glass table lamp below, in an emerald green (like Pantone's color of the year), would be surprising but still fit into the colors of the room.
There are 60 colors to choose from, with white or coordinating patterned shades.  For the lamp above, I'd probably pick a white linen shade, but I thought the zig zag pattern was pretty cool for highlighting in the post.  It's fun playing around with the the color options on the Lamps Plus website.
Another way to change-up a room would be to simply update a traditional lamp with a new funky lampshade, or even something fitting for the holiday and winter season in an elegant gold or silver pattern.
The lampshade above would warm up a room within seconds, and still withstand the post-Christmas let-down.  I might even keep something like that up all year.

There are tons of possibilities for your own rooms by just looking into the light, er, lamps.  Find your own style inspiration at Lamps Plus.
Disclosure: I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective; the opinions expressed here are all my own.

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