December 13, 2012

Merino Kids: Keeping Wee Ones Naturally Snug

As a knitter, I love working with wool.  It's a fiber that keeps you warm while wicking away moisture. And it lasts nearly forever, assuming moths don't get into it.  It wears well too, and is a favorite go-to material for knitted gifts that I want to have longevity for the wearer.

Merino Kids, a brand that I've posted about before, brings an exceptionally soft and lightweight wool to their products.  I don't know how I would have gotten through last winter without their Merino Sleep Sack, which kept Jude comfortable at night in our poorly-insulated old house.
Though Jude is now 17 months old, the Merino Kids Sleep Sack still fits him.  It can be used from newborns up to to two years old.  Sadly, I can't put it on him anymore because he doesn't like his legs being confined in a zip-up sack. Thankfully, he will keep blankets on now during the night.

If you don't have a protesting child, these sacks are so simple to use. 
It unsnaps on one shoulder and under each arm, accommodating babies of all sizes.  Then it unzips all the way around.
The superfine merino wool lining is so soft and lightweight, and the outer layer is made of organic cotton.  It even has an opening to accommodate a safety belt in a car seat or a stroller.
Merino Kids Sleep Sacks are seriously the creme de la creme of baby sleep sacks. You wouldn't go wrong gifting one of them to a special baby.  I may just hang on to ours for my (hopefully) future grandbabies.

Merino Kids is hosting a contest, called the Mom of the Month (M.O.M) event, where you can win a $250 prize pack from the company by submitting

The contest is open for submissions until January 31st, 2013.  Submissions are judged monthly with each winner being announced via email on or around the first of the month.  Each month's winner receives a prize pack valued at $250 and will appear in our email and social media campaign for that month.

To join the event, contestants must do the following:
I'd love to see one of my readers featured, so head on over to enter. You still have time!  Good luck!
Disclosure: I received a Merino Sleep Sack for review.

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