March 4, 2013

When Mom's Away

The lost week turned into the lost weekend, as I navigated my way through being thoroughly sick and taking care of two very active young boys.  I picked up some sort of cold/flu thing and was knocked out from Tuesday until Friday.  Thankfully Chris was able to stay home one day and let me sleep, which was much appreciated.  I often quip about how even insignificant circumstances like illnesses could be considered luxuries prior having kids.  Explain that to my pre-motherhood self.
Ginger tea
As I lay deliriously sweating in bed on the day Chris was here, it was oddly quiet downstairs.  At some point I wondered if he had taken the boys somewhere, but then I'd hear a toy drop or Soren asking a question.  What kind of magic did this man have over these boys, who when around me, are literally hanging on me, whining, fighting, and just being plain old pains-in-the-butt?

It's weird how when I'm away, even if it's just upstairs, that Soren and Jude are so different.  I'm dumbfounded as to why (maybe it's quite obvious to an outsider?) but I do have my theories.  I suspect it's due to competing for attention from mama, maybe against daddy or each other.  Or just a baby-ing dynamic that I've created in the boys, like they just need to be coddled and doted upon.

In conclusion, I suppose that I should just take more sick days, especially when I'm not sick.  People with "real" jobs do it all the time, right?


  1. I might make ginger tea today just because yours looks so good. Did you use tea bags, or ginger root?

  2. Ahh ginger tea works wonders, doesn't it? Sorry you weren't feeling well. :( I'd love to take a "sick" day. Last time I was sick, Charlie was fending for herself for the most part and I was so thankful. James was in the pack and play or laying with me nursing. It's rough when you're down for the count!

  3. Hope you're feeling better now.

  4. Aw, so sorry to hear that you're not feeling too well :( You'd think the cold and flu season would be over already but with the amount of snow and cold we're STILL getting...Spring, where are you!?

    I think it's important to take a 'sick day' for yourself every now and again even if you aren't sick. I believe those are called 'Mental Health Days' ^.^

    Feel better!


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