May 22, 2013

The Fun Uncle

Did you have one growing up? Or many, as I did?  That fun uncle who plays cars for hours, takes you swimming when your parents think it's too cold to bother, and tosses you over and over onto the bed.  Soren and Jude have 4 uncles on my side who spoil them with attention (and gifts).
This weekend, we spent some time with Uncle Jeff, mucking around in the bay near the beaches in Delaware, a favorite spot for our family.
Since it was a pretty overcast and drizzly weekend, we didn't get in any swimming, but still played in the water.  And the boys were so happy to be with their doting uncle (and we parents were just as happy too, to get a break for relaxing and drinking hot coffee and reading, something we don't get to do much at home).
Uncle Jeff is the fun uncle who spends an entire day on a paddle board, exploring the bays, and hoping that Soren and Jude will one day join him.  So far no luck in coaxing S onto it, at least this season.
But walks in the woods to hunt for "bad guys" will suffice.
Even Jude can't get enough of "Un-ca Def", which was the first word he said when waking from a nap, followed by "bed" (referring to Jeff throwing the boys onto the beds).
Every kids needs a fun uncle (or aunt), wouldn't you say, even if it's not a relative by blood?   Oddly, I think I could be a fun aunt, though I'm not always so fun with my kids. I think the sheer amount of work it takes to raise them is just too exhausting to leave much time for fun, at least for me.  Plus Soren and I clash a lot, so often when I think we're going to have a blast together, it sours quickly.  Not so with his uncle though.
 Did you have a fun uncle or aunt?  What memories do you have?


  1. Ours growing up was Uncle Jeff :) He was a Sergeant in the army, so we didn't see him as often... I suspect that was part of his appeal {absence... fonder heart}. But he would let us play his SUPER NINTENDO! And would be the uncle who climbed onto the roof during 4th of July waterfights and bomb the other adults. :)

    I was the fun aunt. I'd act like a cannon and shoot the kids across the room. I'd play games with them, get down to their level and do pig piles. Then Mat came along and stole my thunder ;) He took my place as the fun one and has been solid in that role ever since. Even still with the 16 and 17 year old "kids" he is still the favored uncle.

  2. Oh yes my sister and I had a 'fun uncle' on my dad's side (dad's sister's husband). Uncle Ben. He was always calling us 'knuckle heads' or 'punky brewster.' LOL

    We all had a blast together!

    I think kids growing up need that fun family member that gives them those really good memories ^.^


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