March 12, 2014


Things are looking up around here.  There's something to be said about a tropical 60 degree day after weeks and weeks of arctic air to lift one's spirits.
It's nice to break out the chalk, even if we are still in coats and the snow still decorates our yard.  It's only going to get warmer from this point on, right?

It's starting, this dance of ours going from outside to inside and back again.  I'm ready for it!

Speaking of inside, I've still been knitting, and finally finished the Color Affection shawl, which is so hard to photograph.
I've been puttering around the house, changing things around for spring.  It's what I do when I get antsy and bored.
I bought an unfinished pine wood shelf from Ikea and stained it with black/brown paint, then waxed it with finishing paste wax.  The brackets are from Ikea too (total cost was under $10).  I like displaying my baskets and thrift shop plates, as well as my embroidery.
There's something about circles that always appeals to my aesthetic.
So far the boys haven't pulled it down, or even messed with it.  It's bolted to the wall pretty securely though, a process which generated plenty of curse words from me (I was racing against the finish-this-by-the-end-of-naptime clock.

The boys were happy that I had pulled out the plastic Easter eggs.  Man, do I hate those things.
I'm continually stepping on them, but they both love them so much.  S even set up an egg hunt just for me, with smaller eggs stuffed inside the larger ones.
Even my winter wreath has become bunny-fied.
On the kitchen front, I'm finally trying my hand at sauerkraut, thanks to Erin's inspiration.
It's a bit too carrot-y (hence the orange color) I think I got the brine too salty, but so far it hasn't gotten moldy.  We'll see how it is in a few more days.  I'm hoping that this project gives me the confidence to try making kombucha.  That's next on my list of kitchen science experiments.

That's that for life around these parts.  I'm looking forward to warm, sunny days spent outdoors.  I hope you are too.


  1. It's been getting warmer here as well (with intermittent threats of snow) but overall, it's lovely to step outside and, while still chilly, feel and hear the hints of spring. It's long, LONG overdue in my opinion!

    It looks like you and the boys are really shaking off the Winter doldrums and embracing the upcoming season which is good to see :)

    My parents make their own sauerkraut and it's incredible!! Hopefully yours turns out as yummy as ours does!

  2. Too hot here this year, while it seems everywhere else it has been so cold. Planted some lettuce last month and planted many more seeds the other day. I am interested in the sauerkraut, thank you so much, and this looks like just what I was looking for! We already make keifer and yesterday I made some with heavy cream, as I want to branch out to other dairy items as we have trouble with unfermented dairy. I am going to try some of these: Fermented food is so healthy and great to see you doing it, too! Your shawl is gorgeous! What a work of art!


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