May 27, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Swingin' Summer

When I say Swingin' please don't picture Mr. Geek and I swapping partners {we once knew a swinger who, for his wife's 40th birthday, bought her a threesome...tee hee, yuck!}.

Ok, now that our minds are officially in the gutter, I'll show you what my Swingin' Summer is all about.
This is my favorite place in my house at the moment. Too bad the wi-fi doesn't really work out there, or else I'd be there with the laptop too. We have a sleeping porch off of our bedroom, part of which we converted into a much needed closet (a fabulous walk-in, mind you). Many of the homes in our area have sleeping porches, which I find utterly charming.

This outdoor space needs some work, like a new floor since paint is always peeling off the current tin one and there's also a hole in it where there used to be an exhaust fan. I won't explain why we haven't patched that up yet. That recycled soda bottle rug from Mad Mats does wonders for hiding underfoot ugliness.
Looking out onto the porch from our closet

We recently got a swing for our porch, and it's so relaxing to sit there and watch the world go by. In August, it will give us a perfect view of the fireworks at the park, which celebrate our town's founding.
I tend to put a few potted plants and some lanterns out here for summer ambiance. I just love it!
I found these cool recycled tin ones at TJ Maxx. They're made from food tins, and have taken on a rusty patina.
And don't laugh at those infomercial watering globes. They actually work, and that's the only thing I've ever bought that I saw on an infomercial. They were really cheap at a local store.
We get morning sun, so by evening it's one of the cooler areas of our home. It's a perfect way to end the day, swinging out on the porch in your pjs and then heading to bed. If only I could bypass that computer on the way, maybe then I could get some sleep.

The view from the bed (sans my swinging threesome--me, Mr. Geek, and SoJo, what did YOU think I meant?)
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  1. I could spend all day on that porch! Too bad the wi-fi doesn't cooperate though ;)

    And I'm not laughing at the water globes ~ They totally work, I got some for my MIL for Christmas last year :)

  2. How beautiful! I just want to cuddle up there with a good book and a cup of coffee. Man oh man. So peaceful looking.

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  3. That looks like a great place to hang out!

  4. Your porch looks beautiful!!!

    I have always wanted to try those glass watering ball thingies...if nothing else, they look so nice!

  5. Oooh, I just love swings on the porch/yard. That's the most relaxing way to spend a warm spring/summery day. And I really love that gorgeous wicker swing you have!

  6. Ok first yuck on the 40th birthday present thing!

    Second love the wicker swing, where did you get that?

    Third, also love the rug and will be checking that out!

    And last very cute porch!

  7. Pretty view

    You've won an award and can pick it up on my blog at


  8. First of all, yuck-o about the swinger! I can think of so many things I want for my birthday, none of them involve a menage.

    But on an unrelated note, I would love to swing with you! On your porch swing! Only!

  9. PS, I'm not lying when I saw the water globes is Jojo's FAVE commercial. He totally wants one.
    We recorded it to our hard drive when we were recording The Magic School Bus on TLC.

  10. That looks so pretty and relaxing! Some day I hope to have a porch to relax on myself.
    My WW post

  11. I love porch swings and yours is so pretty. Too bad we don't have a porch or I'd be swinging and not in a yuck way.

  12. Your porch is so beautiful and inviting, I do not think I would ever leave.

    I LOVE your new look!!

  13. The porch looks beautiful and sounds so relaxing. And I have been eyeballing those watering globes myself. Think they could work for a pot of tomato plants?

  14. I would love to have a porch like that. i can just imagine sitting there sipping on a glass of lemonade.

  15. that's great! love the view from the swing!

  16. The strange woman you see hogging your swing when you wake up on Sunday will be me :D

    ....adding myself to the 'swinging party' bwahahahaha

  17. perfect place to sit a spell and watch the world go round


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