July 9, 2009

Thursday Thoughts and a Pitiful Graffiti Tag

I've been away from the blog for so long, due to the chaos of the week, involving a guest, a garage rehab, and that little boy I'm always referring to. Who is now climbing, by the way. That means on couches, tables, and window sills. Lord help me.

So here's the work in progress, our garage. We added some windows, and have prepped most of the building for siding.
Below is the other side of the garage, that runs along the street. We'll be filling in that top "window" eventually and pulling off the hideous shingles before siding that wall. (Who puts shingles on a wall?) The Mister and our friend added those windows, which we picked up at a discount building supply place on the cheap.

This is all of the wood torn from inside. They had to remove and resheet one entire wall since most of the wood was rotted.
And the big white thing in the front was part of one of the old carriage doors that opened into the alleyway. Certainly not easy to open or close, and they were falling apart. To quote musician Tom Waits, "Such a crumbling beauty, There's nothing wrong with her that a hundred dollars won't fix" Try three hundred.

Mr. Geek sighing about the above pile of demolition trash. We're neat freaks around here. Ruggedly handsome even in a grubby t-shirt and vacation beard.
As much as we'd love to recycle the wood into something else, a lot of it has hidden nails in it and it would be dangerous to try to cut it up. So sadly, it's headed for the landfill. This pains us both.

But on to progress...we added some windows to the upstairs of the garage, hoping to use the space as a spring/summer/fall play area for SoJo.
Or maybe an art studio for me. Or {I hate this phrase} man cave.
We have a nice view of the house from the windows, especially of my little balcony and its ruby-colored flowers.
We won't miss the graffiti inside the space, which will eventually be painted over
How pathetic is a tag like "Mike"? And in neon pink, to top it.

Nor will we miss the birds who liked to fly in via the one open, I mean MISSING window.
We still have lots of siding to do, then gutters and soffit. For now, I have tons of email to respond to, as well as blogs to visit. Oh my, I'm so behind!


  1. Looking good! Maybe you guys can make your own SWEET tags like Mike!

  2. Wow, you guys have made a TON of progress! It looks great so far!

  3. So it's a freestanding building? Very cool! It looks HUGE. Which is irritating now, I'm sure, but you'll be so happy when it's finished.

  4. I think that shingles were used to side homes and other buildings during times of economic difficulty (like wartime), when other materials were too expensive or hard to come by. Head north to some of the coal towns and I think you'll see whole neighborhoods of shingled houses.

  5. it's looking great!

    That is a bummer about the old wood though:(

    haha@PINK "mike"

  6. I have always hated work on the house. I feel for you - it is just so all-consuming. I will agree, that is a sad excuse for tagging. Good luck!


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