January 3, 2011

New Beginnings

After what seems like weeks of being away from this blog, I finally feel ready to start writing again.  While breaks are wonderful, and mostly restful, it's nice to get back into routines.  Though the first day back is tough (ie. today), once the momentum starts, things usually fall into place.
That goes for the blog too.  I feel like I've been neglectful this past month or so, with the holidays and pregnancy fatigue, but am ready to start fresh this year.  On New Year's Eve, we did a majorly-needed cleaning of the house, including packing up all the Christmas decor, and it feels great.  Though I'm in desperate need of some wintry decor (thanks so much to my dear friend Shana who gifted me with paperwhites!).
I hope to do the same here, like tidying up the sidebars, finally setting up Google Analytics, Jill at Scary Mommy has a great post on sprucing up your blog for the new year, and I'd really like to use some of her tips, like downloading the Alexa toolbar and updating my "about" page.

Though I'm not one to make resolutions (I tend to make and break them all year long), here are a few things I'd like to work on this year:
  • practice yoga 3-5 evenings a week
  • eat more fish and seaweed (honestly!)
  • be less obsessive about keeping a tidy house
  • send more letters, especially to the kids in my life
  • get Soren and myself outside for at least a few minutes every day, even when it's freezing
  • be a better blog commenter and respond to comments in a timely fashion!

Happy New Year to you friends!  Hope it's a good one thus far.


  1. Those are great non-resolutions. I'm working on cleaning house as well, both online and off. It feels nice.

    There's something refreshing about coming out of our winter hibernation and having a fresh set of eyes. :)

    Happy New Year Kathleen!

  2. Although I really wanna be tough on you here, I'm gonna cut you some pregnancy slack. I'm gonna forgive you most everything you do this year! Happy New Year!

  3. I hope this means that baby is allowing you to feel a bit less fatigued? :)

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly-I've been gone for various reasons...Mostly health, but also every time I'd go to write an original post, I'd just draw a huge blank O.o

    Yesterday and today were the first days in awhile I actually FELT like blogging!

    I really hope your resolutions work out for you :) I know I would love to practice yoga more like you and start letter writing again-Wanna be pen pals? Lol

    Here is to a fabulous new year for both of us :)


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