July 1, 2011

Weekend Musings and Beautiful Things

After an uncomfortable night of light sleeping, I'm convinced that this baby is on its way! Yay and oh no! are my simultaneous reactions.  Am I prepared enough? Will I wimp out on labor? Will it still end in a c-section, despite the hard work and pain?  So many questions that we'll just leave up to the universe to answer.
(random photo of the gorgeous hydrangeas, yarrow, and false indigo picked from my parents' garden.  It makes me happy looking at them)
Assuming that I don't go into labor in the next few hours, we're hoping to spend the weekend close to home and hospital, maybe cooking out with my in-laws tomorrow.  Tonight we're going to a member's dinner at a local cooperative gallery/independent space, which we're so glad has moved into town.  They have all kinds of cool stuff that's right up our alley, like story time for kids, yoga classes, local foods for sale, and other activities. It will be fun watching it blossom and being a part of a community center with other folks who are like-minded.

In other news, I received the most loveliest of lovely baby blankets from my friend Shana.
The colors are beautiful (I believe it's Lion Brand cotton) and it's stitched so tightly.  It will definitely come in handy when we're indoors this summer due to chilly air conditioning.  She's got a leg up on me via her awesome crochet skills (one day I'll learn), and I'm hoping she'll leave a link to the pattern in the comments.
It's pretty pathetic that I haven't really knitted anything for this baby.  I'm hoping to make a pair of booties tonight, at least.

Onto other beautiful things: pulling out more baby stuff, particularly the old books from S's babyhoood. I forgot about these Eric Carle ones!
Naturally, we had to sit down in the nursery and read them again, Soren and I.  Ah, the memories.

I'm not sure when I'll be back in this space again, definitely not during the weekend, as I'm taking a break from the laptop.  I do hope you have a great weekend, and that my American readers enjoy the 4th!
PS. Here's the link to the coffee filter bunting tutorial if you want to make one like in the photo above.


  1. I can't imagine what you all must be feeling so close to the due date! I'm glad you can keep busy, though, so your mind isn't consumed with baby, baby, baby {although I bet it is already! LOL}.

    That baby blanket is just gorgeous! You and me BOTH have to get a leg up on that crocheting xD

    I can knit, but I believe I forgot how to crochet.

    Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

  2. Yay! Hooray for the baby coming soon, whenever that may be. ;)

    Lovely blanket, with such cheery and soothing colors. I feel like I haven't knitted much for my baby, either. I've knitted a few bibs and I'm working on a sweater, but I suddenly thought I wanted a cute handmade hat like I give to my friends. Can you believe I haven't kept any? The hubs assures me that a summer baby doesn't need a hand knit hat. I think he's right. If I have time, I might make one anyway! ;)


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