August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Harvest

Despite the neglect we've shown our garden in the past month, it's certainly rewarded our early-season efforts.
What have you grown this summer?  Is your garden faring well?


  1. It is fairing well. We've picked lots already. Still not tomatoes yet. sigh

  2. Our cucumbers are doing the best. I have no idea what to do with them all! The cabbage is doing really well too. I'm going to plant more at the last harvest of squash (kinda slow growing), cukes and corn. Tomatoes are finally getting somewhere and the peppers are puny. They were blocked by the squash leaves, so I replanted in a container that I put in front of everything. We have nice containers of green onions, oregano, and lemon thyme. Lettuce (pulled up and tossed in compost bin) and broccoli (still growing, but no actual broccoli) didn't do too well because of the heat and I let my spinach bolt, lol. Too many personalities to manage at once!

    Conditions: We planted a little late and had too much shade, so we relocated the containers + super hot summer days.

  3. What a GORGEOUS bounty you've got there! Look at that color-It's so vivid ^.^

    I bet you're going to have fun cooking and eating all of that!

  4. I'm sooooooo jealous! Seriously.


  5. No garden for me since I live in a condo building. I have been working on growing a sweet, little babe, though so I guess that counts. ;)
    P.S. Your veggies look delish!

  6. Our garden is doing very well, even tho' we planted a couple weeks late due to an early vacation - but now we are moving 8/31 and will not get any of the pumpkins! (Sad face!)


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