August 24, 2012

Motor Cars, Handle Bars, Bicycles for Two

Now that our first born son has literally outgrown the Skuut bike (I highly recommend balance bikes), he's moved onto a traditional bike with pedals and training wheels.
As with many new experiences, Soren was quite tentative on his new bike, but still determined to make it go.  Especially under the watchful eyes and hands of dad and mom.
He has a healthy fear of the street, cars, hills, corners, curbs, bumps and garbage cans in the alley, as well as a heavy hand on the brake, which can be frustrating when escorting him around the block, but also puts me at ease about any nonsense going on.
So it takes us about 20 minutes to make it around the block, but that's ok.  Little steps, er, little pedals, little man.
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