February 6, 2013

Jabbertalker and the Pursuit of the Pencil

Robot. Juice.  Home.  Cere-yall.  Get Down. Ocho.  Hatch-oooo! Pop-porn. Poop-eye.  Scoo-Bus.

Jude the Jabbertalker is quite fond of the above words, or really, all words.
My expectations were low for having a second-born who is as good, if not a better  talker than his older brother (also an early chatterer) was at this age.

At nineteen months, Jude is a dynamo of words, and even a few short phrases.  Don't. Be. Fraid. (from a Yo Gabba Gabba song) is one that Chris and I find quite endearing.
Key-cat (kitty cat).  T-Shirt.  Shorts.  Dollars (repeated from a silly robot bank that Soren has, which recites the amount of money inside it at the press of a button).  There is no word that this child won't repeat, well maybe "Grandpa", which always shortens to "Pa". It makes me laugh, thinking of my dad as Pa Ingalls.  He's more the antithesis.

Jude is fond of so many other things, ones that I'll deem as creative, like music and writing.  Yes, I'm sure I'm just searching for and anticipating that one of my boys will pursue the creative arts, however I do think Jude is more inviting of them than Soren was at this age.  Of all the arts, I'd imagine Soren would take more to acting and performing than one of the more introverted arts.
I've never seen a toddler to enamored of pens and writing instruments.  He screams and demands when he sees a pencil or paper.  "Write! Write!" he shrieks when his brother is engaged in some sort of drawing activity.  The photo below is from my Instagram feed.
He's at his happiest when I'm singing and when given paper and a pencil.  And that pleases me as much as it does him.  Let's hope it continues throughout his life.  He can call me up anytime for a song.

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