September 16, 2013

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Something I have been encouraging my husband to do for a long time has come into our conversation yet again this weekend: starting a blog.  Yes, it's easy to encourage everyone I know to start one (maybe I'm just curious about their inner lives and experiences) however I understand it's hard to get one's feet wet when attempting such a daunting project, at least in the minds of those who haven't even kept any sort of regular diary.
Chris is a good writer, despite his protests.  While it may take him 10 hours to write a paragraph, he has a lot to say.  I can't tell you how many times sitting at the kitchen table I have said "well, if you had a blog, you would totally write about this!"

There certainly seems to be an underserved niche in blogging honestly about fatherhood and what it means to be a man.  The dad blogs I've visited tend to lean to the humorous, wry side of things rather than delving into the meat of the matter (forgive me if I'm just plain wrong; I haven't read all that much of dad/man blogs lately).
Some of Chris' dilemma about starting a blog is feeling that he has too many random things to say (um, sounds a little like my blog?).  But he is frustrated at the lack of men's magazines that are not just advertisements for $400 watches and $1200 pink suits (seriously! He was just flipping through one).

So my question is multi-layered and open-ended.  What do you think actual men you know would be interested in reading about (Duck Dynasty aside)?  Do the men you know read blogs?  Or write them?


  1. This is a good question because the guys I know are all different in their own way. I don't even know if many of them would bother reading or writing a blog for that matter; it's not really their style.

    I do know there are some men out there who would love to sit down to express themselves and I think those are the ones that have something truly special to say!

    I'd definitely encourage your hubby more on the blog front; I for one would love to read a husband and wife perspective when it comes to your shared life :)

  2. I thought about this question throughout the day, and then asked Keith his thoughts when he got home. His take was not to discount humor, but that he would enjoy reading about how other men handle the weight of being the primary/sole income; the struggle to manage free time between projects, spending time with kids, and spending time with spouses (and oh wait, maybe some time to himself); and being a dad to boys that raises them into men who are neither too soft nor too macho (you know, ones that do projects about the house AND load the dishwasher).

    Hmmm...realizing that maybe Chris and Keith would have quite a bit in common as the working dads of two boys. And let Chris know that women would be interested in reading it too, as we might gain a little insight into how our husbands' minds are working!


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