I'm Still Here...The Answer I Keep Giving all those callers!

Well, it's my 2nd day of being overdue, and I have yet to feel any cramps, contractions, or obsessions to clean my ceilings, the curtains, and the drains in my sinks. It's been a pretty good day though, as my dear mother came up for a visit and took me out shopping for some new underwear (how exciting). As any of you who were ever pregnant know, your underwear really takes a lot of abuse during pregnancy. So I look forward to wearing these once the postpartum period is over. It was nice to be with my mom and have her reassure me that everything will be ok in the end. I should say that I have 4 younger brothers, so she should know what she's talking about having endured 5 natural labors.

On another note, my mood was definitely lightened yesterday when I learned that I had won a Milk Chic Nursing Cover and Diaper Dandee from Hip Mama's Place, a great site I found via the Ultimate Blog Party. I'll definitely take some photos and write about it after I get it in the mail so you can see if you'd want to get one for yourself or someone who is breastfeeding. It is a pretty good deal at $24 with free shipping. Also, if you use the Hip Mama's Place code (HMP) at checkout, you get a free Diaper Dandee (a carrying case for diapers/wipes).

One more thing, Hip Mama's Place has another cool giveaway, a Diapees and Wipees Holder. Go over and enter a comment today, as the drawing is next Tuesday.


Amy said...

You poor thing! I hope your wait ends soon. I was worried about my labor/deliveries, too...but, for me, it was all overshadowed by the fact that I knew I would be able to see my little ones soon! I will be praying that things get underway soon and that things go easily and smoothly! Love, Amy (You found my blog from the 5 minutes for mom party and I am enjoying your blog, too!)
PS I tagged you--if you aren't otherwise occupied! :)

Dawn said...

I have tagged you! Stop by the blog and and check it out!



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