Overdue and Frustrated

It's been a weary 24 hours...I've been a little depressed and a lot restless, waiting for this guy to come out! I am getting a little freaked-out now, not that he is late, but about facing labor and delivery and the unknown (when's it gonna happen, how painful, c-section, etc.). I guess I worry he is going to be a giant baby, like 10 pounds, even though I was 8 and my husband was 6.

I had a doctor's appointment today and the results were the same as last Thursday--barely dilated and not effaced. I haven't had any contractions, just a teensy bit of cramping over the weekend, and I've been walking a lot every day hoping to get something going. I was even raking and working in the flower beds on Saturday, squatting and bending. I am scheduled to go back on Thursday for tests and an ultrasound, so maybe I will have progressed by then. Plus the full moon is on Friday, so maybe that will bring on labor by pulling on my "bag of waters" (such a weird term!).

The funny thing at my appointment today was that they had the wrong chart. I've never had that happen before, but the attendant said that I would need to have an antibiotic shot before labor due to a positive strep test, but at my last appt. they said I was negative for that. It turns out she had the wrong file. To be fair, I usually go to my local satellite office, but since a doctor was only there one day this week, they sent me to the larger office to be checked. So maybe this somehow was a result of that. I'm glad I was paying attention, and not sulking at the fact that I am still pregnant!


Jocelyn said...

Hi, check out Hip Mama's Place today..congrats! :)
I hope you feel better and have a safe baby delivery. :)

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