Baking Bread

There's nothing like a looming stretch of 90 degree heat to make an idiot want to make bread. Of course I'm kidding, poking fun at myself for deciding to do just that. Seriously though, I recently found a really good online deal on a Sunbeam bread machine at Circuit City and decided I've waited long enough for one. It was only $38 with free shipping, which to me was a bargain. With the cost of bread and flour continually rising, I decided I'd rather make my own bread which is cheaper in the long run, healthier, and much much tastier than sandwich loaves. So far I've made 3 loaves, 2 of which were Honey Flax and were delicious, and this one, a sunflower/oat, which I have yet to taste. It's so easy to make, just drop in the wet ingredients, add the dry, and turn on the machine to whatever setting you need. I figure that I probably need to make about 20 loaves for it to be worth the price I paid, and assuming the machine doesn't break, I will definitely get my money's worth. I fantasize about baking up loaves with the dozens of soups I make all Fall and Winter. Yummy!


stacy said...

Hey Kathleen, I am not sure if you remeber, but a few weeks ago you left a comment on my blog for a laundry sign and 2 magnets from Paris. I choose you to win. Email me your address and I will put it in the mail tomorrow. slucier83@yahoo.com



Jenn said...

Wow! you lucky girl you winning two things that close together!

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