My Wooden Spoon

One of the new blogs I like to visit is My Wooden Spoon: Where it's Perfectly Legal to Use a Little Pot! (I love that!) written by Lori. It is the sister site of A Cowboy's Wife blog, which I also like because Texas is about the farthest away from Pennsylvania (literally and figuratively) as I can get. I subscribed to Wooden Spoon's email updates, and every few days I get some really great recipes, which I am ashamed to say, I haven't tried yet (read:too busy with baby).

I did win some great muffin tins (the big ones), some purty red towels, a wooden spoon (of course) and some Reynolds Handi Vac sealer bags. This has really been my lucky few weeks...I've never won much in my entire life (other than a cardboard play school-bus house at K-Mart when I was 10). Anyway, I can't wait to use the muffin tins, as ours are pretty crusty. And my husband has been lusting for some blueberry muffins with local blueberries.

Check out My Wooden Spoon, and better yet, subscribe to her emails...great recipes and giveaways too! Thanks Lori!


Jenn said...

Congrats on your win ,she sure has some great prizes .

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