Weaning Baby from the Swaddle

Soren loves his Kiddopotamus swaddler. He loves it so much that he can't sleep without it. The problem is that he busts out of it every nap and during the night, and then wakes up crying (mostly during naps...he usually holds out until the early early morning). We haven't gotten out the duct tape yet, but have pinned the one side with a diaper pin which will hopefully keep him in it for the remainder of the night. So husband and I are trying to wean him off of it with little success. I've looked online for answers, but as usual with internet research, you get lots of different opinions which often contradict each other. SoJo is 3 months now and I naively thought that when he reached this "magic" age he would not need swaddling, would be a perfect napper, and be able to fall asleep at the drop of a burp cloth, etc. However, he is still pretty sensitive, having trouble sleeping anywhere but his bed. We took him for a quick ride tonight so we could get some ice cream, thinking he'd be awake for 40 minutes until bedtime, since he usually fusses in the car, but of course this time he fell asleep. Then he was off track for the rest of the night and I've only just gotten him to bed. Anyway, this is more of a therapeutic rant for me rather than a post with any sort of information in it. But I do wonder if anyone out there has dealt with weaning a swaddler.


Mandi said...

Hey Kathleen, just a few thoughts:

Do you have a large thin knitted blanket you could use? Knitted because it has stretch and large because you can wrap it securely enough that maybe he can't get out of it.

Have you tried wrapping only his arms or only his legs to see if that's a good middle stage before weaning him?

I know it's hard when they have sleep issues - I'm on my third and STILL dealing with sleep issues, so I'm probably not a great one to give advice.

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