Future Roger Federer

Those of you who know my main squeeze know that he's a tennis fanatic. He's actually off to the courts right now and is psyched because the college students are back in town and they are his main source of tennis partners (and I suppose he doesn't mind that the hot young co-eds are back on campus too--he works there).

My husband's biggest wish (beyond health and happiness) when it comes to SoJo is that he loves tennis as much as he does. So when he bought our baby a kids' tennis racket, I dutifully hung it on the nursery wall to inspire our little baby Bjorn (Bjorn Borg that is, the former tennis pro, not the baby carrier).

So to make daddy smile today, I took some shots of SoJo and his racket and emailed them to him at work. And now I share them with you!

More interested in trying to put it in his mouth than developing his forehand.So serious! And how timely is this post...the US Open started yesterday!


Naomi said...

I'm actually pretty anti-tennis since my mom has already started trying to get Roo indoctrinated into country club tennis lessons. But I have to admit SoJo looks totally adorable...

A, B & C said...

How cute- I love his shirt too! We have a long family tradition of football players and my husband loves every football-themed baby thing I bring home. I don't care as long as he tries a few different sports.

CanCan said...

How cute :). Look, he even has a "hair style" today. I don't know how to play tennis at all. But it looks fun.

By the way, I performed my own rap on the SWA video. I think that was my rap debut.

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