iCue: NBC's Crash Course on History, Politics and Everything in Between

My very pregnant friend Shana is married to an NBC tech-guy who's been working on a new internet site for NBC called iCue. iCue is an interactive learning environment and community focused on current events, academics, and other issues. With the upcoming elections, I know I need more than just a brush-up on politics and history, and this site covers a lot of ground in an engaging way. I like that it's a collaborative learning environment and not just a dictionary of terms and political speak.

As a teacher, I could definitely see using this with students. iCue is encyclopedic in its breadth of info and video from the NBC archives. I like the concept of the cue card, that you can share with others, make notes on, and add videos to. You can "trade" these cards with other people--which seems especially helpful for students who may be studying for an exam--and even virtually flip them over. iCue also has some sample questions for AP exams and college board exams. This would be really helpful for those of you who have teenagers.

The site, although a little overwhelming at first, is well-designed and user-friendly. It also is free from annoying advertisements and flashing animations, unlike its parent site. I recommend taking the tour (with Tiki Barber) before you get started. Registration is free and you have a chance to win an iPod Nano if you complete a survey after registering.

Kudos Chris J!


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