My Son: The Formerly Good Sleeper

Five months is a pretty cool age to be. You smile a lot. You can roll over. You trust that your mom and dad will cater to all of your needs and be able to anticipate when you're hungry and tired. You've discovered that objects feel much better in your mouth than in your hands. And you are learning to crawl.

Oh the frustration! Oh the obsession! It's all-crawl, morning noon and night with this kid. Lately SoJo has not been sleeping well. We were quite lucky in the beginning, when he slept through the night after the first month. He's always had his days and nights pretty sorted out from the get-go and most of his long chunks of sleep happened at night.

Now though, he's up a few times at night and when I go in to him, he's trying to crawl. Up on all fours. Bouncing back and forth with his eyes closed. I'd laugh if it wasn't one in the morning...and then three in the morning...and then five. You get the picture.

I predict he'll be crawling by this time next week. Don't they usually sit up on their own first?


Muthering Heights said...

That is so cute....up on all fours with his eyes closed! I hope you get a picture...

Abbey said...

Every kid has their own time line... it's great that he's nearly crawling! I'm sure he'll be sitting up in no time.

Enjoy this time- it's very cute, but my favorite so far has been about 15 months- too early to be getting into everything, but old enough that they can walk well, talk a little, and they mimic everything you do.

mannequin said...

So cute!
Mine went straight from sitting to walking, like Abbey says, they're each different. That's what makes it so much fun and exciting at 4 in the morning.

So very precious; imagine his delight, rehearsing over and over! I just wanna pinch his little cheeks and squueeezzee him in a big hug.

Yasmine said...

the same thing happened with my daughter! Around the time she was learning to crawl her sleeping changed...for the worse! she either wouldnt sleep, cry or she would be up on all fours swaying back/forth! I remember calling up the 24-hr nurse line and they lady told me that she was practicing in her sleep and it was normal for babies to do that, i laughed so hard at that-who knows what go through a babies head! PRACTICE does make PERFECT!! but it really is cute!

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