Tour of Dirty Diaper Central

I've said this before, but I love doing laundry.
This is some of the reason:
I love my laundry room! It's right off of our kitchen in the converted back porch, which makes washing clothes much more pleasurable than schlepping them to the basement. When we bought the house, this place was a disaster, from the old bed sheets screwed (yes screwed) into the window frames as curtains to the grungy, ripped-up carpet to the Spiderman switch plate cover. I so wish I had taken some photos of the "before" condition. I probably thought my camera might have thrown up at the time. I still need to finish painting the wall behind the washer and dryer though (perennial excuse=5 month old baby). We'd also like to install a tin ceiling to replace the mess that's up there.
My husband and very handy father-in-law put in the checkerboard floor (on the diagonal mind you!) and I sewed the curtains for the 7 windows in that small space. It was really hard to find enough fabric without placing a special order, so I went with a tea-stained floral pattern, even though my heart was set on stripes. I've just moved a table in there for folding too. On a side note: I found that red toolbox last week in the trash on one of our evening walks. And guess what was inside: a set of wooden building blocks! I've wanted some of these for SoJo, so I skipped the rest of the way home on that walk. I intend to wash the blocks and paint the toolbox black.
Here's a close-up of my laundry BFFs from left to right: Jar of vinegar which substitutes for fabric softener, my homemade laundry detergent, a spray bottle of starch, and a box of baking soda which I sprinkle over the cloth diapers for freshness and whitening. That lovely sign I won on La Boudoir, a blog I like to visit. In the background is a fabric from the same pattern as the curtains but in a different colorway. I simply folded around a piece of stiff cardboard cut to fit that space and taped the fabric around the back. Then I used velcro to hold it to the wall. It looks much better than what was behind it.
My indoor drying rack, a freebie from a friend.

Baskets for storage on a shelf above the windows.

So what do you think? Am I spoiled or what? Oh, and guess what?
My new clothesline is almost done. Yay!
No more saggy rope connecting the house to the garage. You can see one of the posts in the background behind the line of diapers. We just need to get some clothesline wire and some hooks. My husband's beloved bonsai starter garden is to the left of the steps. He'd be so pleased that I pointed that out to you. The rest of the yard is mine! And quite untidy at the moment.


stacy said...

I am glad you like the sign. It looks great. Super jealous of all the backyard space and the clothes line.

And thanks for overing to knit me something. Far too nice of you, but it will for sure be well used during the winter in Seattle. I like these below, but anything will do. Thank you! Thank you!



amy purple said...

Look at your fancy washer and dryers you have! I'm very jealous of your yard! One of these days we'll own a place with a yard! I guess once we get out of downtown chicago. :)

Muthering Heights said...

You have a beautiful laundry room! I would be in there all the time, LOL!

CanCan said...

Very nice! I should take a picture of my "laudry room" (washer is outside). You would "LOL" as they say on the internet.

Haha I sound like such a dork.

PS, I like the tool box red!

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