Review: The Corner Stork

When I was planning a baby shower, I wish I had known about The Corner Stork, an e-tailer that sells baby shower favors, personalized baby gifts, and other baby items. I love their variety of baby shower favors, which are many steps above the tulle-tied pastel mints that often grace the tables at a shower. Since I have a large family, I know there will be opportunities in the future to patronize The Corner Stork, but if you're throwing a shower and want to make an impression, how about presenting guests with

A Star is Born Bottle Stopper

or the About to Hatch Salt and Pepper Shakers
How cute would that be on the table at Easter? The items range from candles to coffee and tea kits to candies and mints. I like that the items serve a purpose beyond the shower, rather than some plastic trinket that is just thrown away afterward.

Even if you're not hosting the shower, you can still find lots of baby gifts at The Corner Stork, including diaper cakes, baby keepsakes, and personalized baby gifts, which are always appreciated by new moms like myself. I'm especially grateful to people who have given something personalized for my son, since his name isn't one that will be found on keychains or pencils in knick knack shops. Personalized baby gifts are often ones that become keepsakes for the child as she/he gets older.

As far as their personalized baby gifts, I love the Cashmere Soft Growth Charts, which can be embroidered with your child's name.
as well as their selection of stainless steel and chrome baby banks. My brothers and I each had a metal baby bank growing up, so of course I wanted one for SoJo. (I could tell you about the time one my brothers raided the banks and spent some of the rare coins in them at the local comic book store, but I wouldn't want to embarass anyone!).

The Corner Stork even personalized my bank for me. We ordered the My Little Saver Personalized Helicopter Bank
which looks so nice in the nusery. My husband likes it because he's the saver in the family and thinks it'll be great start for teaching SoJo about financial responsibility (you've gotta start somewhere!). I think this would be a great gift for someone who is expecting or who has just had a baby, esecially since it looks classy and serves a great purpose.

If you're looking for a special gift for a special baby, look no furthur than The Corner Stork. I'd bet that you'd find something unique to fit any tastes and any budget.


Jennifer said...

Those are some of the cutest baby gifts. The growth charts are adorable. I need to write this store down to remember.

Erin said...

Oh those growth charts are too cute! And I love that helicopter bank, I'd even be tempted to get it for Mat to put his spare change in...Hmm!

nanja said...

Thanks I will be planning a baby shower after the new year so this site will be very helpful

Jennifer said...

I keep looking at the growth charts..I am rather short, maybe I should get one for me?

Muthering Heights said...

Those growth charts are SO cute! I've never seen nice soft ones like that before.

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