SoJo's First Christmas

Since I have a free moment (or maybe a case of blog withdrawal), I wanted to post a few pics from SoJo's first Christmas. I can't believe he's 9 months old today!
He got some really cool stuff, like that big drum and instrument set that Gram and Grandpa got at FAO Schwartz when they were in New York last month. Pretty swanky.

Don't you love the tie too? I won it from Red Pajamas, and everyone thought it was so cute. Except for Mr. Geek, who isn't a fan of fake ties--clip-ons, elastic or otherwise. I looked far and wide for a button-down white shirt, but couldn't find one, so I had to settle for a red and black plaid.
He also got a nice Jack-in-the-Box, which he actually wasn't afraid of. When I was little, my bros and I were a little freaked out by the clown one that we had. Maybe it was that it seemed like it might bruise your face if you got too close. That thing was so forceful! Plus it was a clown. Nuff said.

The next photos are from my in-laws house. Here's SoJo and his cousin, getting into trouble.
Does this kid have an oral fixation or what?

Here he is wearing the cutest, coziest blue corduroy suit that dear Auntie Naomi sent. It belonged to Jasper, who had outgrown it. It's more of an Easter suit, but I know SoJo won't fit into it at Easter. The pants are just his size right now. It looked good with the red shirt, surprisingly. Unfortunately after 2 days of partying, new faces, and no naps, SoJo was cranky by the time we decided to take a family photo. That's why he's grumpy in the picture.

All in all, it was a great first Christmas. As usual, holidays are stressful for me, trying to keep him happy, keeping track of present-buying, and dealing with the aftermath of SoJo being overwhelmed by everything. I was surprised that he wasn't more into ripping up the wrapping paper, since he loves tearing up any stray papers that might be lying about at home.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too.


Naomi said...

SoJo looks so cute!!! I love the tie. It looks like he had a blast. I hope you did, too!

mannequin said...

Oh he looks so *handsome* in his Auntie Naomi suit. He looks like a little man ..... he's growing up right before my virtual eyes.

Jennifer said...

Soren is quite handsome in his tie and in the blue suit. His drum set is quite swanky. :) I am glad to read everyone is having a lovely time. It is tiring, but fun. I still have company....

Candice said...

That little suit is so cute!
And the drum set is quite awesome. I debated on a Jack in the Box for our house but I'm afraid I waited too late for Jojo to enjoy it. what do you think?

Erin said...

Ah! I love that tie! It's so cute. Charlie got pretty "over it" too towards the end of the holiday. Actually, she's still expressing her distaste for all of it. I think the lack of quality naps {or naps period}, new faces, and non stop on the go craziness didn't sit well with her either.

Love the pictures! Here's to normalcy!

blueviolet said...

He looks so darn cute in everything! I never would have thought a little one like that could pull off wearing a tie but he does it. Adorable.

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing those photos--he's so cute! The first Christmas is so much fun, although it is overwelming on the babies. My 6-month-old niece was over it about half-way through. :)

Nicole Feliciano said...

Adorable. My daughter had her first xmas too! It was such a sweet holiday--neither daughter was fixated on presents. Yipee. Now getting back to blogging mode.

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