WW: Part Two (with Toothbrush)

We made it outside today after all, despite the rainy mist after the snow. SoJo loved it!
He had a little tumble on the sidewalk, since SoJo was not used to wearing boots.
And yes folks, that is a toothbrush in his hand. It's his toy du jour.

You may remember his previous obsession with dental tools over the summer.
Here he is back in August holding a rubber toothbrush/gum stimulator. That's the one my husband freaked out about one day at lunch when he thought it was a pregnancy test! SoJo loved chewing on that, and my husband's heart rate when down when he realized I was not pregnant.

He was so happy watching us shovel and watching the cars go by. And of course being cuddled by mama.


Jennifer said...

He is so adorable! I am sorry about his fall, poor guy. The toothbrush is a riot, I love it!! You and Soren look too cute!

Naomi said...

He looks so tiny in his big snowsuit! But it looks like he was having fun. You guys are so cute.

Sage and Savvy said...

That is too cute w/the toothbrush! And the snow sure looks like fun!

mannequin said...

I think the toothbrush thing is great! When it comes time, it will be an old friend. Then you'll just need to explain that he's not hurting his little friend by inserting in mouth.

You got more snow than us.

Cathy said...

lol--my husband would have a heart attack if I was pregnant!

Honey Mommy said...

Way to make the best of the weather! What a cute little marshmallow man!

Jenny said...

How cute! Love the toothbrush in the snow. It's funny what kids latch on to. My son had to take a plastic spoon (sometimes two) with him everywhere when he was about that size. He even slept with it!

CanCan (MomMostTraveled) said...

Deeds is toothbrush obsessed, too! I have to keep buying new ones for Jonas b/c Deeds chews them up!

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