A Belated Birthday Gift

A friend of ours {Kelly!} kindly gave SoJo a set of beautiful handmade wooden cars made by a local man. So perfect because it's been cars, trucks and buses here all the time lately.
She works with my husband and she and another co-worker often come over for lunch with us. I felt bad that SoJo was napping when they came, since she wanted to give them to him herself.
I wanted to post the photos so she could see his reaction (next best thing). He's checking them out in the doorway between the kitchen and laundry room (his favorite spot of the moment...I think it's the checkerboard floor).
They're a hit! Especially since he just brought both of them to me moments ago while doing this post. And if he ever gets bored of them, they'd make nice back massagers for us! Thank you Kelly!


Kelly Smith said...

Happy belated birthday Soren! I'm glad you like the cars, have fun driving them around. Thanks for posting the picts Kathleen so I could see him play with them, that was very sweet of you!

blueviolet said...

He's trying them out everywhere! He's so cute!

Jennifer said...

Those are beautiful toys! Soren looks as though he is having a lot of fun with them!

mannequin said...

Oh.. aren't those adorable? I'll bet he loves the feel of that wood in his hands and he looks so cute!
Kathleen, your pictures are looking great! Liking that camera?

Melissa said...

Love the cars...but he is just too cute! His clothes, so grown up, sweet little boy.

JamericanSpice said...

These are so cute...and yay! Truly will make good back massagers!

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