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Whenever I see the Eighty MPH Mom button on other blogs, it makes me smile. Not that I'm a fast kind of girl, in any way, but I like the idea of a jet setting mom in a convertible. Well, Jennifer is not referring to the jet-set lifestyle at Eighty MPH Mom, but about running around all day as a mom at 80mph. We can all relate to that. In addition to reviews/giveaways, Jennifer writes about her human and feline family and her adventures as a SAHM.

What is your blog about?
Eighty MPH Mom is about a little bit of everything. I initially started a different blog about my kitties, and life in general, but I wanted to include everything I love, on a new blog. I host giveaways and product reviews, but more importantly, I have made some wonderful friends! I love the weekly Meme's, and I try to do as many as I can. I believe they are a great way to learn about the authors of the other blogs I frequent.

Where does your blog title come from?
My blog title came to me easily. I always feel like I am rushing around, and most of the time, I do not accomplish everything I had set out to do (in a day, for instance!). Eighty MPH Mom is how I think of myself - and many other moms I know too. I think there is a little bit of an Eighty MPH Mom in each of us!

When and why did you start your blog?
I started the other two blogs I mentioned above in November 2008, and I combined them all to create "Eighty MPH Mom" in January 2009. I felt that in creating this new blog, I can write about anything I want, without being limited to one subject only.

What would you like to add to your blog in the next year?
This is a good question! I have a few ideas brewing, but one thing I would really like to incorporate is a food/recipe section. I have some old family favorite recipes that I would love to share. I would also like to make this food section interactive, by having other blog authors post favorites recipes. I would like to do a different food theme each week. What I enjoy so much about blogging, is that you can add pretty much anything you want - it is fun to let the creative juices flow!

What are some of your favorite blogs?
Oh this is a hard question - there are so many amazing bloggers out there! A few of my favorites are Rundpinne (always thoughtful posts), Mrs. Cox's Slice O' Heaven (she has a way with words!), Bantering Blond (she is just so funny, and cracks me up everytime I visit her blog!), A Giveaway Addicted Mommy, ADaily Dose of Toni, 3 Kids and Us - the list goes on and on...really!

What is one of your pet peeves about blogs or bloggers?
My biggest pet peeve about bloggers is the controversy that many seem to thrive on. It is fine to post your feelings, but some seem to go overboard and are just looking for the reaction. I think that some of their blogs depend on the controversy. It is okay to write a heartfelt post that will not ruffle feathers - really! I do not care for drama. The blogging world is much like high school in many ways - you've got your groups. I personally like all kinds of people, so I don't mind being a part of a variety of "groups".

A pet peeve on blogs is when I go to look on a blog and music blares first thing - it scares me when I am not expecting it! Another thing is when there are too many grapics on the background of a blog, behind the post. Yesterday I was reading a very interesting story on a blog, and when I left the blog, I had spots before my eyes. I didn't realize it at the time how "busy" it was (dots in this case).

I would like to mention the good things about blogs/bloggers as well! I love it when a blog author comes to my blog and leaves a comment, after I have done the same. I try to do this as often as I can, and I find some wonderful blogs along the way. I love "meeting" people through vlogs - it is so fun to put facial expressions along with words, after having only talked to them online, via email and comments.

I also love when someone comments on my family, kitties or about me - it is a good feeling knowing that they took an interest enough to learn about me. Finally - I cannot express how grateful I am for those comments that make me smile, laugh, or just feel better in general. Blogging is such an incredible way to share your feelings, or post when you are feeling down about something, or to just share good news. There is always someone around who will sympathize and cheer me up, or laugh with me. Sometimes just one single comment can completely make my day!

What advice would you have for any new bloggers?
Learn as much as you can. In my experience you will learn the most from other bloggers. Get involved with different forums, and don't hesitate to ask another blogger for help. I was astounded when I started, at how many were willing to help me. I also initially asked different bloggers if they would like to exchange buttons with me - it really helped in gaining exposure for my blog, and most were agreeable.

What is something that people might not know about you?
Oh boy...they may not know that I am a very loyal and trustworth person. I do not like drama. I always want everyone to be happy, and I always strive to make sure they are. I am a wonderful friend, and I give my all in my friendships. What else? I am short - there I said it. I am more bark than bite, but I can only be pushed so far. Another thing about me - I am completely dedicated to my family and friends, and I love them unconditionally.

Thanks Jennifer! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Naomi said...

I second the ban on auto-play music and needless high school-style drama on blogs...

Mrs. {Erin} Cox said...

I heart me some Speedy! She is just the sweetest gal, isn't she! Fabulous interview :)

Jennifer said...

A well thought out interview Speedy!! Kathleen, thank you for introducing more people to Jennifer's wonderful blog.

Andrea Proulx said...

Jennifer, aka, is absolutely a wonderful friend. I can attest to that. Her blog is a must see!!

When you go and visit, not if, be sure to check out her Not Me Mondays. They always crack me up!

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

I loved reading every word of this feature. :) I, too, am a big fan of Jennifer's blog and love to see her answers to your questions.

mannequin said...

Nice to meet you Miss 80 mph. I'm the mama on the Harley in the lane beside you.

And I love drama. Onstage.

Thanks Miss Kathleen for another interesting real life interview!

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Speedy's blog is great, and I stopped here to read this article, but now I'm following. You're blog is great :)

Leslie M. said...

I had to respond too! Jennifer is just a sweetheart! She has such a sweet spirit and Loving heart! I met her over the winter and loved her immediately! Her Blog ROCKS too!

So Does YOURS by the way! haha

Nicole Feliciano said...

Great interview. Amen to the music--turn it off people. It scares the daylights out of me sometimes.

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Great to meet your fabulous blog and your fabulous featurette! (that should be a word) I'm relatively a newbie and she had some great advice!

Thanks so much--I'm almost sure I'll be back and I'll definitely be following!

JamericanSpice said...

I've been to her page quite a few times too and love seeing it. It's now familiar and does make me smile.

Sara Bonds said...

I love this. She is one of the sweetest bloggy friends I have.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I have a blog award for you @ http://www.ordinaryandawesome.com/2009/05/kreativ-blogger-award.html

Veggie Mom said...

I totally agree about the music! I've jumped out of my skin while blog-hopping more than I can remember. And I don't like drama, either. Sounds like Jennifer & I have a lot in common. I'm going over to visit, now...

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