Tech Tuesday: Can You Digg It?

Cue the shovels, we're talking about Digg today.

You've probably seen the little man with the shovel at the bottom of these posts, and on many other blogs.
That allows one to link that post to Digg, a site where you "dig" stories up or down. You can see the "diggs" in the yellow boxes to the left of each article link, and the number of votes in the box.
Mr. Geek is a huge Digg and Reddit (similar to Digg) fan, where people submit blog posts, articles, new stories, photos, etc. and they get voted up or down depending on how much people like or dislike them. In speaking on the difference between Digg and Reddit, Mr. Geek quoth "Digg attracts a broad range of vistors (hence more pop culture, humor) while Reddit attracts atheists and politicos." I'd say it's similar to Kirtsy as well, where people submit links to interesting online content.

You find some really great stuff there, since it's basically where the cool {geek} kids go for their online kicks. Such as the link to 25 Awesome Dirty Car Window Drawings or What Really Happens When you Die. It's where we first found out about the Crazy Church Dancing video, months ago. You need to create an account and log in to vote or submit posts.

So get out there and get Digging!


Naomi said...

I barely have enough time online to read all of the blogs in my reader!

Suzanne in TX said...

Is Digg something like StumbleUpon? I am going to investigate right now! Thanks again for such an informative TT post.
Have a great week,
S in TX

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