Happy 25th Birthday Earth's Best

We love Earth's Best Organics in this house, and were devoted to their baby foods when S was at the pureed foods stage of his culinary development. Did you know it is Earth's Best's 25th Birthday? I was recently sent some info about their celebration, including some prizes for you!

Earth’s Best is celebrating a special milestone in 2010—it’s 25th birthday! Founded in 1985, Earth’s Best was started with a simple “wish” - to keep potentially harmful pesticides out of the earth and children’s food supply. For 25 years, Earth’s Best has realized that “wish” and has provided millions of babies with pure, simple, organic foods to grow up on. To celebrate, Earth’s Best is inviting parents and grandparents to share their own wishes for their baby’s future. As we enter a new decade, Earth’s Best wants to hear about the hopes and dreams parents have for the next generation.
These wishes will be shared with the online community and entered into a sweepstakes where one lucky child will win a $25,000 savings bond from Earth’s Best. Here are more details:
Visit Earth's Best website and submit your wish. Here's mine, though it is a bit rambly
One Grand prize winner will receive a $25,000 US Savings bond
  • 4 First Prize winners will each receive an $850 Earth's Best Organic Birthday Bash
  • 25 Second Prize winners will receive and Earth's Best Gift pack ($38.99)
  • Each month, 25 winners will be randomly selected to receive a $25 US Savings Bond and $25 in Earth’s Best coupons
Contest runs from January 5th - March 31st, 2010 everyone who submits a wish will be mailed $4.00 worth of coupons for the complete array of Earth’s best products. Happy 25th Birthday Earth's Best!


Laura said...

Thanks for posting about this- I just submitted a wish for my daughter. Wouldn't that savings bond be amazing to have??

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