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Mother's Day is on my mind, like those of many other bloggers and kids and well, mothers.  Leave it to me to overthink things (business as usual around here) and start pondering the meaning of the day.  We'll be traveling to Disney World on Mother's Day, so in some ways it's the best and possibly worst "gift" I could get, depending on how things unfold.  Just thought I'd be upfront about that before continuing.

Mothers, I'm sure many of you have the age-old quandary of how to spend a day devoted just to you.  Do you go alone to a spa, or just alone to your own bathroom for a long bath?  Do you spend it with your kids, since the day is about mothering after all?  Or do you visit your mother/mother-in-law, if God willing, you're lucky to still have her with you?  Do you try to do it all?  For the last 2 years, this has puzzled me, and my first Mother's Day, I must admit I was a bit stressed out over all the visiting that weekend with a new baby and all.

Last year was the best Mother's Day for me.  Mr. Geek, SoJo and I just went to a local park for a simple picnic and it was wonderful.

I did miss seeing my mom, but sometimes you just have to take the easy route in life.  A phone call and a belated gift was enough to set my mind at ease, and hopefully hers too.

Speaking of my mom and gifts, I'm trying to finish up a set of blocks for her.
She likes beachy things so I decoupaged some sea-glass colors onto them and am going to glue on some beach phrases like "ocean" "seashells" and "relax."
I have doubts that I'll finish them in time or post a tutorial due to the amount of stuff I still need to do before we leave on Sunday.  But she'll understand, after all, that what mothers do, understand our imperfections.  It's amazing how much more I love and appreciate her now that I'm a mom myself.
My mom and Soren
I do hope you have a wonderful, obligation-less Mothers' Day friends!  Not sure if I'll be posting again until next weekend (save for the Weekend Contest linky) so I just wanted to wish you well, just in case.


Naomi said...

I'm not a big fan of Mother's Day. My grandma always used to say that it wasn't a real holiday, just an excuse to buy cards and flowers. Which I guess is true, although it is sometimes nice to have cards and flowers delivered. I have mixed emotions about it.

Have a safe, smooth trip!

Braley Mama said...

I will be praying for you on Mother's day, for safety!!!Have a blast!Happy Mother's Day to you!

Happy said...

You are reading my mind today! Wow! You hit so many nails on the head I'm not sure I know where to begin pointing them out!

Have a terrific Mother's Day and I wholeheartedly hope your trip to Disney goes well and tips more to the fun side of the scale than the stressful.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks like a great project! Happy Mother's Day.

Muthering Heights said...

Well, this weekend is entirely devoted to other people {we are having my son dedicated on Sunday, so I'll be cooking/cleaning/hosting relatives}, so we are celebrating Mother's Day next weekend.

Jordan is going to bake a cake for me with the girls, and I'm thinking that maybe we'll have a picnic as a family. :)

CanCan said...

I feel a little pressure on Mother's Day to make my mom feel valued, but I don't really get excited about being recognized personally for my mothering achievements.
You really favor your mom!
I want to see the finished result of that cool gift you are working on!

SageMom said...

It sounds like you'll be having a wonderful trip...

I prefer to do simple things w/the family. I'm not into going to the spa or anything like that.

Have a great, safe trip!

TheEclecticElement said...

My mum and I were just talking about this the other day-I asked her what she would like to do or what she wanted and she said just something easy like a picnic and going fishing.

Either way, I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time on your trip (all about the P.M.A = Positive. Mental. Attitude)!

Safe travels to you and your family as well :)

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