finding the magic in the magic kingdom

Part Two of our trip to Disney World takes us to the Magic Kingdom, where we spent days two and four of our week.
We also spent two days at the Animal Kingdom, and one day at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I would have preferred to go to Epcot, but I wasn't sure if there would be enough to interest a two-year-old in that park.  I like the World Showcase of different countries in Epcot, but perhaps we'll be lucky enough to make it to Epcot next year if we go to Disney.

Soren spent most of his time in Mickey's Toontown Fair, where there were lots of play areas to visit, including Donald's Boat, a water park of sorts.
I'm not a parent who doesn't let her child get wet (I'm prepared with a change of clothes) so I let S run wild there.  Saying he loved it is an understatement.
I didn't waste any time staying dry either. At least it was in the upper 80s that day and we dried off pretty quickly.
Soren liked the slides and the play house too in Toontown
There was a tunnel underneath it where he said he was going to take a "night-nap".   He actually put his head down and way lying there (it was a week of sleep-exhaustion for all of us, as you can imagine).
We roamed the park, riding It's a Small World, Peter Pan, the Steam Train
and we explored Tom Sawyer's Island, which Soren loved.  It's just a maze of paths that are surrounded by woods, water, and tunnels and small buildings.  It's great for a preschooler to run around there for some time, especially when you get to ride a raft to the island.

The carousel was wonderful, gliding around and around, feeling the breeze on your face.
Mary Poppins and Bert were at the entrance too, which was fun to see.  I wasn't so good about taking photos of characters, and since we're not big Disney fans, we didn't wait in line to greet any of them.  Soren doesn't really know any characters except for Mickey Mouse, and I thought that he was too young to really understand the point in meeting them.

We commenced our day on the train, letting it rock us into a relaxed and pleasantly tired state, and headed back to the hotel for some swimming.  Not a bad day, huh?


SageMom said...

I'm sooooo envious =). LOL.

one of these days I hope to make it there w/the family!

TheEclecticElement said...


I seriously love all the pictures-You can tell he had an amazing time with that big ol' grin all over his face :D

I'm glad he (and you and your hubby as well) got to experience that!

Stephanie said...

Disney is so magical...and I think I like the Magic Kingdom most of all. :)


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