Nickelodeon Parents' Connect Best Parenting Blogs

Somehow, I've been nominated as a Best Parenting Blog at Nickelodeon's Parents Connect.  Now before you go asking, "why Katydid and Kid?", let me just say that I asked that too. I mean, my posts have been spotty lately and not so interesting, at least in my mind.  However, I'm really honored to have been nominated despite all this, and I encourage you to head over to the site and check out some of the other nominees, and of course vote for your favorite (not sure when the voting will begin, but I'll let you know). I like that there are a lot of smaller, not-so-well-known blogs, and I've already found some new reads there.


JamericanSpice said...

I agree with their nomination! Congratulations darling. You do have a great blog!

TheEclecticElement said...

Psh, I know why you were nominated....Because you're such a great mother of course!!

Congratulations on this amazing honor-You best let me know when that voting starts cause you've already got my vote :D

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